The most elusive lip balm known to womankind

I love lip balms, I work for lip balm brands, I have probably tried every lip balm on the market…apart from the one I have been after for months! I’m not sure if I am so desperate to get hold of this particular lip balm because of the fun of the chase….. anyhow, the initial reason I wanted to try it is because it claims to plump up your lips over a period of time.

The product? C-Lipoic Lip Enhancer by DermaQuest.

Here is the scientific info about the product..

“Rich in Vitamin C, this high-grade lip treatment uses powerful plumping spheres to boost volume, and natural Jojoba to moisturise the delicate skin and improve lip texture.  The hard-working ingredients also help to restore the density of the dermal layer, resulting in plumper, sexier and younger-looking lips when used over time.

 DermaQuest searches the world to find new, state-of-the-art ingredients that are formulated into the best possible results-oriented products.  C-Lipoic Lip Enhancer contains the following to help your lips looks irresistibly bee-stung:

 BV-OSC– a multi-active form of vitamin C that penetrates deeper than the usual form. Promotes even skin tone, stimulates collagen production and provides protecting antioxidant benefits as well as enhancing other ingredients performance

SODIUM HYALURONATE – an essential dermal hydrator which plumps and smoothes the skin.  Thought to be one of the most valuable ingredients in skincare today

ALPHA LIPOIC ACID – a ‘universal’ antioxidant with a potent repairing effect on skin cells.  Fights free radical damage in and outside the cell membrane as well as inside the cell. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory and is lipid and water soluble to allow maximum physiological changes in the skin

ASC III® – an amino acid which increases the production of collagen III in the skin and scavenges free radicals. Significantly increases smoothness and the formation of collagen fibres in the dermis

HYALURONIC ACID MICROSPHERES – these microspheres rapidly penetrate the skin for maximum benefit.  Once the spheres come into contact with skin’s natural water, the acid content allows the spheres to swell, increasing volume and filling in lines in the lip”

I am hoping to find this during my trip to London this week, I am obsessed with full lips and I am so curious to see if this lip balm really works.
F A R R A H  T E L L S . . . 

4 thoughts on “The most elusive lip balm known to womankind

  1. As a fellow lip balm/gloss/stick/therapy/treatment fan this sounds very promising…keep us posted (anyone tried it?) Do you know Wonder Lip by Lubatti? Loving it at the moment. I think we might be seeing a lot more hyaluronic acid-enhanced lip products later this year (plumping!)

    Fi x

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