You know the nursery rhyme? “Rain, rain, go away….come again, another day..” How about a remix.. “Rain, rain go away…and never come back”..(well not until Winter). I haven’t experienced such a rainy day in a while, it’s literally rained all day long, non-stop, which means I haven’t left the house and have been unable to walk my dogs too. Which means, I did house-bound things … Continue reading Rainday

Beauty before age needs YOU!

Do you fancy seeing yourself in empowering make up brand, Illamasqua’s next campaign? Illamasqua are looking for beauty without limits – age limits. It could be you, your mother, your nan…someone you might see on the tube everyday to work. You could even nominate yourself AND your mum to possibly be featured in the campaign together. All you have to do is click here to … Continue reading Beauty before age needs YOU!

Hollywood Glamour from Erno Laszlo

I do love a good event and I only attend a new product launch when I am genuinely interested in the brand or if I am curious about the new product being launched. When I heard about the return of Erno Laszlo to the UK, I was most pleased and full of excitement, anticipating what wonderful products would be making a comeback. I first encountered Erno … Continue reading Hollywood Glamour from Erno Laszlo

A week of YSL lips

Good day to y’all, I saw lil K-Poc from Beautyfulfilled last night and naturally we got talking all things beauty, from Revlon lip butters (personally, I think Carmex Moisture Plus is way better and you get more) to my YSL lipstick collection. On my last count, I had 10 and recently acquired another one (oops). YSL lipsticks are my absolute FAVE and I highly recommend them to … Continue reading A week of YSL lips

Feel the Vibe..from Miami to Ibiza

I LOVE neon nail polishes and I’m totally besotted with ORLY’s latest collection, Feel the Vibe. These punchy fluoro hues will be sure to attract attention..and are the perfect accessory when partying from Miami to Ibiza! Beach Cruiser is my ALL TIME FAVE ORLY colour (and I have well over 200 which includes EVERY shade of pink). Melt Your Popsicle is a HOT orange which I’ve … Continue reading Feel the Vibe..from Miami to Ibiza