Feel the Vibe..from Miami to Ibiza

I LOVE neon nail polishes and I’m totally besotted with ORLY’s latest collection, Feel the Vibe.

These punchy fluoro hues will be sure to attract attention..and are the perfect accessory when partying from Miami to Ibiza!

Beach Cruiser is my ALL TIME FAVE ORLY colour (and I have well over 200 which includes EVERY shade of pink).

Melt Your Popsicle is a HOT orange which I’ve been rocking lately when the sun decided to come out..for 5 days.

Skinny Dip is an eye-catching blue crème

Glow Stick; a slick of this vibrant green will be sure to keep you dancing all night long (my work mate, Thea named this one..woo hoo).

If you want to really make your neons pop, use  Day Glow as a base colour, or if you want to create some crazy fun colours.

After Party is exactly what it says on the bottle…a night time colour for those VIP studde partaaays..or layer with Glowstick for glow in the dark nails.

RRP £9.25 each or there’s a cute mani mini kit which costs around £15.00 (I always take minis on hols).


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