A week of YSL lips

Good day to y’all,

I saw lil K-Poc from Beautyfulfilled last night and naturally we got talking all things beauty, from Revlon lip butters (personally, I think Carmex Moisture Plus is way better and you get more) to my YSL lipstick collection.

On my last count, I had 10 and recently acquired another one (oops). YSL lipsticks are my absolute FAVE and I highly recommend them to all my girlfriends (and male friends, for their special lay-dees).

The range of colours are glorious, the creme finish is a dream and the quality is like no other (similar to Tom Ford) but I prefer YSL for the range of colours.

Anyhow, I am going to do a week of YSL lipsticks, so I will tweet a pic each day of the week wearing a different colour. If I have time to edit/crop etc then I might blog about my ‘week of YSL’ lipsticks as well.

I’ll be starting my week of YSL tomorrow..eek. I would love to read your feedback/thoughts on the colour of the day.

What is your fave lipstick brand?

Have you tried YSL lippies?

F A R R A H   T E L L S . . .


6 thoughts on “A week of YSL lips

  1. Can’t wait!!! But I think you’ll have to make it a “week and a half” of YSL lippies, just to make sure we see all 11 of them!!

  2. @ambarina, awww, so true but I think everyone would be sick of me after a week.

    @Kaush, will defo swatch them for you, will try to do a ‘good job’ LOL (*private joke).

  3. i bought a superbly expensive YSL lipstick and was actually quite disappointed. It doesnt color too well…and stays on my lips for barely 2 hours 😦

  4. Ur rite..the ysl lippies r a dream..the moment u buy one, u realize tht no other brand comes close..their texture is insane…

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