Weekend of Desserts

Most of you lovelies who follow me on twitter or instagram will know how much I LOVE desserts and chocolate. I could literally (and have done this weekend) eat desserts for breakfast, lunch and dinner…

I know, I know, my sisters, friends and anyone who knows me can’t believe I don’t ever feel sick after eating so much sugar…I confess..I’m a sugar addict..and here are some pictures of the desserts I had (more than once) this weekend).

My mum made her infamous chocolate cake, which I ate 3 slices with custard and I also made a 1/4 blackberry and 3/4 apple crumble…mmmmmmmmmm..I’m off to tuck in with custard of course.

My next post will be about my chanel bag cake…he he.

Now go grab yourself a dessert and enjoy it.

What are your favourite desserts and is there a particular dessert you think I’d love but haven’t discovered yet?

White Chocolate and Ginger Cheesecake at Wagamama

Buttermilk pancakes with sticky chocolate sauce and strawberries.
…with added cream.
Blueberry and white chocolate cheesecake from Selfridges.

F A R R A H  T E L L S . . .


4 thoughts on “Weekend of Desserts

  1. Mmmmm you’ve succeeded in making me hungry now! I’m the ultimate sweet tooth but I do love cheesy, greasy savoury foods like burgers and pizzas too!

  2. @Hafsa, I love a good ol’ veggy burger too but could live on a chocolate only diet easily.x

    @jenna, hahaha, have I really? he he…make a jaffa cake cheesecake?

  3. Love this post! I am a cake lover and proud! I’d just put my lemon drizzle cake in the oven when I read your post…it had my mouth watering! I’ve spent the weekend with chocolate milkshake and cake 🙂 xx

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