Full lips without fillers

I have always had an obsession with full plump lips, I’d say my obsession started when I saw Kate Winslet in a magazine while I was in a doctor’s waiting room with my mum, I must have been around 10…it then continued when I became obessed with Uma Thurman as Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction (also my first time buying Chanel because of her rouge noir mani. I was 16 at the time).

I have experimented with fillers and experienced a really unsightly lump which has now put me off having filler again. I am not sure if it is a ‘filler lump’, a burst blood vessel or scar tissue, I have been giving it time to go and currently looking into what may have caused it.

So, now that I am steering clear of injections, I was looking into volumising lip products, I searched high and low for the DermaQuest one but couldn’t find it, and instead stumbled across a product called ‘Lipsmart’.

US brand Lipsmart is the brainchild of Briana Kay Brumer, the daughter of a renowned inventor and chemist.

The brand contacted me and asked if I was interested in trying it out. So, I did some research first and I read that this lip treatment volumises lips WITHOUT IRRITANTS, so I replied taking up the generous offer to test this out.

I remember buying the ‘too faced’ product, ‘lip injection’, years ago and it burned my lips so bad, my lips were sore for the whole day. I have bought so many other ‘lip plumping’ products and they have ended up in the bin after two uses!

Lipsmart volumises and increases the volume of your lips through an innovative hydration technology (which is rather complex, so I won’t even attempt to simplify it for you). I definitely have experienced this hydration technology, my lips instantly feel pouty after applying and massaging it into my lips.

I love applying this to my lips whenever they feel tight, it is so creamy and instantly hydrating. It also smells fresh and subtly sweet, which must be due to the fragrant fruit ingredients like pineapple, peach, apricot, lemon and coconut. I make sure I apply it at night too, when I wake up my lips look super plumped.

I have been using Lipsmart for two weeks, around twice during the day (it is so moisturising, you really won’t need to apply it more than that depending on the condition of your lips). I have definitely noticed an increase in volume, using this product has helped disguise the awful filler lump I have too.

The box recommends using this product for 29 days at least to see results, I am going to continue using this product forever! I love it and am so grateful for the difference it has made!

There are no parabens (which I personally have no problem with), no irritants, only safe ingredients such as Soybean Protein and Glycolipids.

The packaging is rather plain and simple, which I think is because it’s found in spa’s and luxury department stores in the US. I would rather have an amazing product in plain packaging than pay for a poor quality product in fancy packaging.

Quite a few celebs are fans of Lipsmart, Eva Longoria has been quoted as loving the product and swears by it!

Sports Illustrated hottie Nina Agdal has recently endorsed Lipsmart with those stunning bee stung lips!

Lipsmart costs $30 and have international shipping, when I run out of my current tube, I will be buying around 3 tubes to keep stocked up.


F A R R A H  T E L L S . . .


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