The Leather Satchel Co

I have been meaning to write about my second satchel bag from leather satchel co. for MONTHS! This bag is special to me because I had it customised..yes, you too can customise yours, no need to pay ridic prices for a standard satchel from High St stores.
(A post from my former blog, Make Up It Girl)
I am so in love with this bag that I did a shoot with it..and my beautiful dogs (see me with Sky below). Everywhere I go I get compliments on my bag and then they realise I have my initials embossed in gold leaf, he he.
It is perfect for work and meetings, I can fit my folders/books etc and I have the choice of using the briefcase handle or my detachable strap (see pics below).
My bag came to £111.50 (BARGAIN!!!)
The spec;
14″ Autumn Tan £81
Briefcase handle and detachable shoulder strap £12
Embossing £5 per letter

2 thoughts on “The Leather Satchel Co

  1. Loooove Leather Satchel Co.! I have a 12.5″ pitch black, cloud cream and snow white combination one and it’s like my baby. I got mine through (who are directly working with Leather Satchel Co.). They have pre-customized a bunch of color combinations and they’re ready to ship. I highly recommend this satchel company over any other. Not only do they have a 5 year warranty, but I’ve had the chance to hold this satchel and other companies’ satchels and this has superior quality. Your satchel is absolutely lovely and classic!

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