Guerlain by Emilio Pucci Terra Azzurra Bronzer

Ahhhh I have been meaning to blog about this stunning product the moment I bought it as soon it was launched.

I am so glad I took pictures of it straight away because I have been using it ever since (took me an hour to work up the courage to actually touch the product, it was just soooo pretty) and you can imagine the state of it now right?

I am of course referring to the bronzer from Guerlain’s Summer collection by Emilio Pucci.

This compact is completely different to any other I own, it is a wooden dome which closes with magnets,(took me a good few minutes to figure out how to open it). I love the Pucci patterned case the compact comes in, this is now my new handbag mirror because of the beautiful case. The inside of the box is also lined with a Pucci print.

Now to the actual product, the quality is exceptional like all Guerlain bronzers (Guerlain has always been my go-to brand for bronzers and Kohl). The bronzer is a light golden colour with subtle shimmer, great for my skin while it’s pale, however, not sure how it will look when I tan because I go very dark (which I don’t need to worry about because we have NO sun).

The smell of this palette is gorgeous, it reminds me of Hawaii, that exotic Frangipani scent. Such a joy to apply.

There is also a lovely combination of blushers and a highlighter strip which are a bit tricky to apply individually because they are very thin, however, I use my MAC 168 brush to sweep across all three strips because I like the combination, the blushers have a lovely rich pigment, so be careful when applying, I thought they would be light like the bronzer and my bright coral cheeks proved me wrong.

I ordered this online from House of Fraser with the blue brush (separate review coming) and I think I paid £49.

I saw the stunning meteorites on a blog but they were sold out and I am not sure what other gems were in the collection.

I wish I bought two because this is definitely a collector’s item. I love it! I love Guerlain.

So if you can find one, grab it!

F A R R AH  T E L L S . .  .


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