The ‘Cleopatra’ by Jamela

Part of my job is to find exciting products, innovative brands or the next big thing in beauty.

A combination of all of the above landed on my desk back in May.

The French value beautiful skin and are known for the exceptional quality of their skin care brands.

Historically, the luxury market has been driven by the Arab elite who come to Knightsbridge to shop during the unbearable hot months back at home.

What happens when East meets West in the beauty market?

 – Jamela Skin Care –

Jamela is an Arabic name which means ‘beautiful’. Jamela Skin Care, created in 2007 with a French/Jordanian biochemical engineer, who through his work at a Skin Medical Research Centre in France, had researched the effects that severe climatic conditions have on the skin. He created a range of Halal certified skin care products which repair and moisturise the skin, delaying the ageing process, using botanical and mineral elements, which are easily absorbed by the skin.

There is NO;


Animal Fats & Oils

NOT tested on animals

No synthetic fragrances

I was sent the 24K Gold Collagen (from plants) Face and Neck Mask. The use of pure mineral gold infused with strong natural plant collagen tightens the skin and aids in the removal of toxins, whilst firming and hydrating the skin.

I was feeling rather precious over this mask so I waited for the right moment to use it..(which wasn’t to relax and rejuvenate like I had planned, it was to counteract the below).

After two sessions of Bikram Yoga, I suffered the worst breakout in Farrah history, I had never ever suffered from spots, even as a teenager, so it was a massive shock to see my the whole of my jaw and cheeks covered in spots.

I carefully removed the (rather thick) jelly-like slippery gold mask from its packaging, which is impregnated with  the solution full of goodness, which keeps the mask moist (like the Suqqu cloth masks).

WARNING: You may find some of the images below a bit scary.

The instructions advise to keep the mask on for at least 30 minutes, but to get the best results, wear for 5 hours. I lasted an hour until I started to twitch with boredom because you do have to lay flat, otherwise the neck mask will start to move around. I wanted to sleep in the mask but my husband warned me against doing this because he said I would probably give him a heart attack in the morning (I’m a very bad sleeper anyway, so it would probably end up at the bottom of the bed).

I had a friend over and she commented on my skin right away, there was definitely instant results! The spots were not as red and inflamed. My skin had a natural glow over the next few days, like I had a facial. When applying my make up, it was like I had applied a primer. I highly recommend this for any brides-to-be.

The instructions also recommend making the most out of this collagen mask by dissolving it in hot water, which I did. Pictures below…

When the dissolved mask had cooled down, it become a jelly again. I attempted to use it in the shower (didn’t work and my shower and floor mat were glittering with gold). So, instead, I used the jelly on my decolletage like a mask.

I coud go on writing about this product for ages, it’s so different to anything else I have tried AND it works! I would love to experience this in a Spa or salon environment to get the most out of the experience.

I’ll finish by saying, this will be called my Cleopatra facial.

A pack of 5 masks cost £37.50, available from

F A R R A H  T E L L S . . .


6 thoughts on “The ‘Cleopatra’ by Jamela

  1. Wow, I’ve never seen anything like this. It looks amazing! I don’t think I could stay still for 5 hours though haha. Great post 🙂

    Naomi x

  2. Very interesting. I’d love to see the full product ingredient list. I can see how the longer you keep it on the better, but who has time for 5 hours? If it made such a difference after an hour, I wonder if the process can be sped for even better results.

  3. @naomi, I definitely couldn’t stay still for 5 hours, having this on for an hour worked wonders though. I can’t imagine how great my skin could look after wearing it for 5! Haha.

    Thanks for your comment.

  4. @dija, I was going to list the full ingredients, wish I did now. Thought I was going on for too long so left them out. I can list them if you like? Just let me know.

    Thanks for commenting.

  5. 5 hours is a long time to lie still! The mask actually looks like something you would wear after bad burns. It’s something that I would probably try at a spa as part of a package but I probably wouldn’t end up using it at home.

  6. @Daniella, I agree this would be a great Spa treatment. I think I am going to try and leave my next one on for 5 hours and see what it does.
    Thanks for commenting.

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