The Best Blow Dry in Birmingham courtesy of Bumble & bumble

Last week I had the ultimate pleasure in finally visiting the best boutique hair salon in Birmingham, Parlour Hair. My sisters have been going to this salon since it opened around two years ago, they have all gave rave reviews for Parlour owners, Lily and Phil (I can’t help but think of the rugrat twins – Lil and Phil, he he).

Lily and Phil with Phooey and Venus

Well, of course, it’s only obvious I’d have the best do my hair, Superior Director, Lily.

Lily is soooooooooo friendly and just so cool, more importantly, she knows her hair shbiz! With over twenty years experience and working with designers at LFW, I was confident and left my hair in her hands (something I NEVER usually do). I asked for Lily’s advice on my dry hair, she recommended using Bb (Bumble and bumble) Creme de Coco shampoo and conditioner.

Whilst my hair was being washed, I had time to look at the decor which is adorned with authentic Lynch paintings of beautiful Amazonian ladies, I asked Lily to give me a fringe like theirs, she told me EVERYONE asks for a Lynch fringe. Haha.

I LOVE this 19th century (a guess) dressing table.

The lovely girl who washed my hair gave me the BEST scalp massage, I was falling asleep! The Bb Creme de Coco products smell so delish, sweet like pineapples and coconuts.

Getting ready for the chop

I TOTALLY learned something new about fringes! Lily told me that the side your fringe falls on is based on whether you are left or right handed. I’m right handed and have historically wore my fringe on the left. I must say, it looks so much better on the right.

Lily didn’t take too much length off, she focused on sorting my fringe out and cut into my layers.

Here are some of the products used on my hair. I was in desperate need of the de-frizz! With this odd humid-rainy-then-sunny weather, my hair is feeling major emotional and confused.

Lily curled the ends of my hair with this curler

Overall, I am SO pleased I have been introduced to Parlour Hair and also re-introduced to one of my past favourite hair brands, Bumble and bumble, I used to buy this brand around 15 years ago, when it wasn’t so widely available. It’s shame they have stopped making the coloured hair powder, that was one of my essentials in the past.

Lily kindly gave me a sachet of Creme de Coco shampoo and conditioner, I can’t wait to use them (I haven’t had to wash my hair yet and my hair was done on Thursday). I hope there is enough product in the sachet to wash my hair.

If you live in Birmingham, I HIGHLY recommend you check out Parlour Hair, the boutique salon which really is a boutique, check out the rest of the pictures of the decor, all authentic retro pieces. Also, if you love dogs, like I do, you MUST check out some of the salon pooches, Venus and Phooey!

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Check out Parlour hair on facebook

Thank you to Bumble and bumble and Lily for my haircut.

To find out more about Parlour Hair, check out their website here and for more information on Bumble and bumble, check out . I will be writing a review on some of the hair product samples I was given soon.

* This haircut was complimentary courtesy of Bumble & bumble.

F A R R A H  T E L L S . . .


3 thoughts on “The Best Blow Dry in Birmingham courtesy of Bumble & bumble

  1. Wish I lived in birmingham!! Your hair looks amazing and their prices are so reasonable! I desperately want to try bumble and bumble but don’t know where to start!

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