CREED Spring Flower

A question I am regularly asked is..what fragrance brand do I recommend?

I am a loyal CREED user and have been for 11 years now, I have even got my husband into the brand when we first met, he has a collection of around ten bottles (could actually be more, because he buys two of each of his favourite scents).

One thing I must say about CREED, is I am not pleased with how much the price has increased over the years. This small bottle pictured, costs £90. I usually like to buy the 75ml bottle which costs £150, but this is a perfect size for my handbag.

The bottle in the picture is Spring Flower, this has been my scent for the longest time, it evokes so many memories for me. I’m addicted!

The scent?

I’d describe Spring Flower as fruity and fresh. The heart of this scent is Jasmine and Rose, the top notes are fruits such as apple and peach.

It’s a very sensual fragrance and I have found nothing else like it in any other brand.

If you do come across another fragrance that smells like Spring Flower, please do let me know, especially if it’s cheaper.

Have you tried CREED?

I must do a post on men’s CREED considering my husband’s collection.

If you would like to know more about CREED, go to

F A R R A H  T E L L S . . .


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