The CACI Treatment (Feature Post)

Last weekend, I FINALLY had a long overdue facial. Working in the beauty industry, I’ve had a fair few facials in my time. However, this particular facial really WOWED me! My skin was looking dull and was in dire need of a serious exfoliation (and I am NOT talking about those horrendous cheap Apricot scrubs – I do NOT condone EVER using these products). The … Continue reading The CACI Treatment (Feature Post)

Urban Decay Cancels Plans to Sell in China

As a long time fan of Urban Decay (two of my fave eyeshadows were Midnight Cowboy and Twisted Sister) with the slogan; “We don’t test on animals. How could anyone?”  I was at first furious to hear about the (majority vegan) brand possibly going into China. As I work in the beauty business, I am aware that the Chinese government commit heinous and cruel animal testing! However, … Continue reading Urban Decay Cancels Plans to Sell in China