Cosmo Club

Hey hey hey…

I have had quite a few twitter buddies ask me what  my hashtag #cosmoclub is all about in my tweets . Well, Cosmo Club is something I have been doing with some of my closest and best friends for yeeeeeears, but it didn’t have a name back then…as my younger sisters have got older, they have become part of Cosmo Club too.

Before I go into what Cosmo Club is all about, here is a list of the current members..

Myself (obviously)

Wanita (one of my oldest best friends – Wanita is actually his nickname…long story to do with Big Brother and a doll)

Amina (younger sister who gave the club its name)

Adil (Amina’s best friend)

Zorra (my other younger sister who is the latest to join the club)

Chubz (my youngest sister, who is a part timer)

So, what is Cosmo Club (CC) all about?

We find the best places to eat (including the desserts) and we talk about things and topics which turn heads and encourages random strangers to get involved in our conversations.

Last Cosmo Club’s main topic was about Designer Vaginas (DV’s), the girl serving drinks to a nearby table nearly tripped and dropped her tray (I assure you this wasn’t intentional). We didn’t even know she was listening to our conversation.

Turns out Adil’s Aunt is a plastic surgeon who specialises in DV’s..which he only discovered after I did a google search to find out more about her.

Having guys being a part of CC is really insightful for them on how women think/what they want/what we really talk about and we also help them pick great presents for the females in their lives too! So single ladies, look for a guy who has good female friends because he will know how to treat you.

Do you have your version of Cosmo Club with you and your friends?

F A R R A H  T E L L S  . . .


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