Tip Top Tootsies by Bellacures, LA

I LOVE L.A and WISH, WISH, WISH I could have visited this Summer…So, here is a little taste of L.A living, my good friend Katie reviews Bellacures, a chain of nail salons in L.A…

Summer has officially begun in Los Angeles and anyone who’s anyone knows you can’t start the summer season without the perfect pedicure!

So when my dear friend Farrah asked me to scope out Bellacures in Santa Monica I jumped at the chance!   Bellacures is located on Montana and 17th in Santa Monica tucked away in between a few shops, cafes and other nail salons. It could be easy to miss but once inside you will notice Bellacures is anything but a sideways glance!

The incredibly inviting and friendly atmosphere makes this spot a true little gem. Bellacures is not set up like your typical nail salon- they have big plushy arm chairs lining the walls on both sides accommodating for roughly 12 people at a time with Manicures and Pedicures performed simultaneously.  There is also giant chalk board above the chairs offering the “specials” of the season; Hold my Hand Gel Manicure and Spicy Mani Pedi.

Always a stickler for punctuality I arrived at Bellacures at 11am on the dot and was immediately greeted by an over friendly receptionist who showed me to their color selection- three towers of polish- mostly OPI, Essie and a few rows of China Glaze. Their clientele must cater mainly towards the Essie costumer as they have almost 2 full towers of Essie all color categorized and labeled to make it easier to locate the color of your choice. Their color selection was very impressive but I had to bring my fave summer shade with me: ORLY’s Beach Cruiser, a poppy neon pink!

Bellacures has a fair assortment of mani, pedi, gel and waxing services but I opted for the Intensive Moisture Pedicure. All the trimmings of a basic pedicure but they lather your legs and feet in a thick body butter and then apply hot towels for a few minutes to trap in all the moisture, finishing up with a brief foot and leg massage. Heavenly. I must say I was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism and courtesy of my nail tech, she was very gentle with me and asked me on more than one occasion if I was happy with the results.

Also a major bonus was that she was not overly pushy with the up sells and was not rushing me in and out of my appointment. I was able to sit for a while and just relax while my polish dried without being rushed to another spot of the salon.   Overall, I had a great experience at Bellacures and I am already deciding what my next service will be!

Thank you for your review Katie. The Intensive Moisture Pedicure costs $30. What a bargain! At this price, I’d be in there once a week. I wish nail salons weren’t so expensive in the UK.

Check out Bellacures website here for more information.

F A R R A H  T E L L S . . .


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