Urban Decay Cancels Plans to Sell in China

As a long time fan of Urban Decay (two of my fave eyeshadows were Midnight Cowboy and Twisted Sister) with the slogan;

“We don’t test on animals. How could anyone?” 

I was at first furious to hear about the (majority vegan) brand possibly going into China. As I work in the beauty business, I am aware that the Chinese government commit heinous and cruel animal testing!

However, a press release landed in my inbox this morning to announce that Urban Decay have cancelled their plans to sell in China after thousands of fans hit back on facebook. As a result of pulling out of China, Urban Decay has been returned to the Humane Cosmetics Standard endorsed by PETA and has been awarded  with the Courage in Commerce Award.

“Urban Decay is a corporate champion in PETA’s book for refusing to pay for animals to be harmed and killed for the sake of overseas profits”, says PETA UK Founder Ingrid E Newkirk. “The company’s ethical decision also reveals the moral decay of other larger companies that have sold animals out for a market share in China.”

Thanks to PETA US–funded scientists, the Chinese government is now poised to accept its first-ever non-animal test for cosmetics ingredients. Thank you PETA US! I love you for doing this and saving these poor animals from horrendous and unnecessary torture.

For more information on animal testing,  visit PETA.org.uk.

Well done Urban Decay.

F A R R A H  T E L L S . . .


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