50 Shades of Gray

For those of you naughty lil minxes who have read/are reading 50 Shades of ‘GREY’…you’ll be disappointed to learn that this post is about 50 Shades of ‘GRAY’…as in..me..He he..*no filth going on in this post.

I haven’t read the book and frankly I have no intention of reading it either, so here is my non-porn version. The girls at work suggested I jump on the back of the erotic novel because of name being Gray, so I have decided to put together a list of 50 (mainly beauty) things I recommend you try.

Here are the first 10;

1. Do wear eyeliner, the cattier, the better. (I recommend MAC liquidlast for the longest lasting liner EVER).

2. Do go for a mix match mani and pedi. I do this all the time and it’s fun!

3. As I am on the subject of rocking a mix match mani/pedi. DO try neon colours, they are sooooo much fun! If you’re not brave enough to put it on your paws, slick it on your toes. I LOVE ORLY’s Beach Cruiser and Passionfruit.

4. DO wear a high pony...I DON’T CARE if some people call it the ‘Croydon facelift’..a high pony instantly makes me look better.

5. Try lemon juice or crushed aspirin on inflamed zits….I regularly use both of these old school remedies and they work for me every time.

6. Try bikram yoga, it is ACE! (unfortunately it did bring me out in spots, the steam was flushing out the rubbish in my system, Urgh..*puke face).

7. Invest in good a skincare regime from early on..prevention is better than cure. I spend more money on good products than clothes. Your skin is with you for life, your clothes end up going to charity.

8. Try a middle parting. I NEVER ever thought I’d go for a middle parting, but trust me, every gal can rock a mid-par. Just make sure you ARE wearing make up.

9. Make up does NOT age you! Only thing that is ageing about make up is if you wear your liner like Pippa Middleton (CRIME). Just make sure you wash all make up off before going to bed (see point 7).

10. Embrace your freckles..they’re cute and I know a girl who had freckles tattooed!!

Hope you liked my first 10 of my 50 Shades of Gray.

F A R R A H  T E  L  L  S .  . .


One thought on “50 Shades of Gray

  1. Great blog post and some great tips which I will definitely be trying out. Can’t wait for the next instalment of ’50 shades of Gray’ x

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