The CACI Treatment (Feature Post)

Last weekend, I FINALLY had a long overdue facial. Working in the beauty industry, I’ve had a fair few facials in my time. However, this particular facial really WOWED me!

My skin was looking dull and was in dire need of a serious exfoliation (and I am NOT talking about those horrendous cheap Apricot scrubs – I do NOT condone EVER using these products).

The last time I was at Parlour Hair, I commented on Lily’s glowing skin and asked what she was my surprise, she was wearing NOTHING! She shared the secret to her lustrous complexion with me…eyes wide open, I was desperate to know WHAT she was using to have a natural J.Lo-esque glow…

Lily’s secret is ……THE CACI FACIAL

Birmingham based Beauty and Skincare Specialist, Judi Gilbert performs CACI (Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument) treatments with the objective of “enhancing natural beauty without surgery“.


I instantly connected with Judi, we could totally pass as being related, we both share a mixed heritage, we respect and admire bees and of course, we are both passionate about the beauty industry.

No Botox allowed. Look at Judi’s eyebrows/forehead

Judi’s connection with bees is pretty impressive, her Grandmother, Elizabeth Gilbert discovered the beauty benefits of Royal Jelly while studying the anatomy of the Queen Bee. Judi would freely play around the rows of beehives in her Grandmother’s garden, unaware of the genius her Grandmother was. However, Elizabeth’s plans to market Royal Jelly were lost when she sadly and suddenly passed away.

An old newspaper article on Judi’s Grandmother

Judi is so beautiful (no fillers/no surgery, I still can’t believe she has been doing this for 20 years) and she is a great testament to her philosophy;

” Every woman is beautiful and interesting. If you have a good skincare regime and look after your skin, you can maintain this beauty.”

Judi recommends having a facial every 4 weeks. Regular facials maintain good, clear skin and Judi said something which has stuck in my mind ever since;

” Going to the gym once makes you feel great, but going regularly achieves results just like my facials. Having a one-off facial before a big event is great but the accumulative effect of regular treatments will give you long-lasting results and hold the years back.”

The micro current therapy of a CACI facial is known to help with migraines, treats scarring, enlarged pores, fine lines, frown lines and lifts sagging, drooping eyelids (my problem), eyebrows and jaw lines.

The CACI machine

Now to my treatment, Judi used Dr Renaud product combined with the CACI machine and pressure point massage, using her hands.

Stage 1 – The Facial

Judi says this is the most important stage of the facial, her treatment is reminding the muscle of its original position.

Stage 2 – The Muscle Work

Muscles are firming up.

Stage 3 – Skin Tissue Work

This stage is a heavier workout to get into muscles and skin tone, having an ice pack effect on the skin which is soothing for any skin problems. The skin becomes more retentive of products at this stage.

Stage 4 – Ironing

The skin is smoothed out to minimise pores, help treat acne scarring and to give the final glow.

With CACI, Judi is able to go right under my eyes (my main concern) to treat crow’s feet, eye bags and wrinkles.

At this stage, Judi used the most wonderful product, Bee Venom Mask, she pushed it into my skin with the feathering technique. I LOVE this product, it actually HAS Bee Venom in the ingredients list. Judi went on a long and hard search for this particular product, she has exceptionally high standards when it comes to the products she uses and highly recommends this and said she will definitely continue to use it in her treatments with amazing results (I NEED to get my hands on some too!).

Stage 5 – Facial Massage with Hands

Judi finished off with a relaxing and skin stimulating facial massage.

This treatment lasted an hour and costs £55, it is worth every penny. My sister has also just started treatments with Judi to help with her skin problems, (she suffers from occasional outbreaks).

Everyone can afford this facial, it is just too easy to give into Botox or fillers, which are only temporary and can go so wrong (personal experience) also, Botox WILL NOT give you good glowing skin. This type of treatment is fast becoming the alternative to surgery and injectables, women would rather look naturally good than obviously enhanced. I believe in the old saying, prevention is better than cure and I’m certain I can continue to lie about my age with Judi’s CACI facials combined with Bee Venom!

To read more about Judi or to book an appointment, visit

F A R R A H  T E L L S . . .


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