50 Shades of Gray – Part 3

I’ve left this installment longer than I intended, been a busy bee with my dogs and organising my beauty room (I had a good clear out and will be sending my products to an ace charity called Give and Make up.)

Anyway, moving on. Have a read of the next lot of 50 Shades of GRAY..enjoy.

(21 – 30 are from Vicky Truman, Head Educator for a premium Spa skincare brand. Thanks Vick.)

21. DON’T sit with crossed legs, this impairs circulation and may cause varicose veins.

22. As you get older, swap your mechanical exfoliator for a chemical exfoliator (less skin movement = less sagging).

23. Meditation is the elixr of life, by compartmentalising your problems through meditation, you will frown less, which of course means, no wrinkles! (Yippeeee.)

24. Take your supplements! Omega 3 and Vitamin E are the key to youthful skin.

25. Body brush everyday. Don’t ask why, just do it! Too many benefits to list.

26. Review your skin care regime each season. Your skin will change with the weather, so you should adapt your regime to the environment.

27. Only 6% of allergies are caused by cosmetics, the rest? Due to pollution and the environment.

28. Want the best sleep ever? Burn Lavender essential oil while you bathe by candlelight (in Kneipp Lavender mineral bath salts/herbal bath). Leave the TV OFF! (try to avoid having a TV in your bedroom).

29. A bit of an English lesson next;

You don’t have ‘pits’, you have underarms.

You don’t ‘pluck’ eyebrows, you tweeze.

You don’t ‘fake’ tan, you self tan (I’m guilty of saying this one)

30. Life begins at 30….a woman is most confident this age onwards.

(31 – 40 are my penultimate installment of 50 Shades of Gray)

31. NEVER pick spots..uh uh..STEP AWAY from the mirror and PUT those tweezers DOWN! Picking spots will cause scarring and even possibe infection of the surrounding area.

32. Your eyebrows should look like sisters, not twins.

33. Yay, it’s Summer and you know what happens when the sun comes out….crusty feet tend to come and join in too. Urgh, nothing worse than having to be exposed to crusty, ungroomed feet. Get a pedi or prep feet at home BEFORE whipping out the flip flops.

34. SPF is an acronym for Sun Protection right?…Vicky’s SPF stands for Stay Pretty Forever, use sunscreen to prevent premature ageing! Love this one.

35. (*puke face) YELLOW NAILS* (not the polish, which I also don’t like) are a NO-NO! oh and add in uneven nails too. I hate when I see long, uneven and yellow fingernails. You want to grow your nails? Well, clip them off and start fresh, use nailtiques for nice, strong and healthy nails.

36. Want glowing skin….firstly, invest what you’d spend on a Topshop bralet (which will end up in the bin next season) on a monthly facial

37. Second tip for glowing skin, mix a bit of highlighter with your tinted moisturiser/foundation (MAC strobe cream/Lustre Drops are two of my faves).

36. Contouring..DO NOT SUCK YOUR FACE IN AND DRAW BLUSHER ON LIKE YOU’VE USED A RULER!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. This is sooooooo 80’s! If you want to make your face look longer (a la Kim K, place blusher lower down your face). If you want J.Lo killer cheekbones, use something like NARS South Beach multiple and blend into the hollow parts of your cheeks and layer on a bright highlighter like Copacabana on the top of cheeks.

37. Curl eyelashes before using mascara. I like Shu’s and Space.NK’s eyelash curlers.

38. Oily skin? Foundation slipping all over during the day? Use a primer, try Laura Mercier’s and use a mattifying setting spray like Model in a Bottle. Also, avoid cream blusher, powder blush is better for oily skin.

39. Want your neon nail polish to POP? Use a white basecoat or ORLY’s ridgefiller, this will make your neons GLOW! (ouch, my eyes)

40. Give to charity!

That’s all folks! I’ll be back soon with the final installment of 50 Shades of Gray, hope you’ve liked the double dose this evening.

F A R R A H  T E L L S . . . 


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