Strong Lips: Lush Emotional Brilliance Review

When Lush launched their colour cosmetics range (Emotional Brilliance) a few months ago, I was on a spending ban where money I would usually spend on beauty would go to charity. However, just because I wasn’t allowed to buy, didn’t mean I couldn’t have a look..right?

I instantly fell in love with ‘Strong’, I always wear orange reds and this colour was PERFECT! I told myself I could buy it when my buying ban was up. With work, holidays, the dogs etc, I forgot all about it until I was telling my sister about it. So, we went to Lush yesterday and I finally bought ‘Strong’ along with some hair products, which I will review once I have tried them out.

As you will see from my picture, Strong is a vibrant tomato-orange-red. The lady in Lush advised me that I could use this on my eyes, lips and cheeks, I tested it on my cheeks in the store and must say it is a rival for NARS Exhibit A.

I put it on my lips as soon as I got home and it lasted like 3 hours without flaking/drying. The finish is full coverage which is not glossy and it’s not completely matte, I’d compare it to the finish of the amplified range of lipsticks from MAC and similar to OCC lip tars. When I washed my face, my lips were also slightly stained, (which is always a good look with a bit of Carmex on top).

I posted the picture above on my instagram and a few people asked if it’s available to buy online, I checked and good news! It is, you can buy it here for £14.50.

I have my eye on a few other colours too and if I was still a MUA, I would have all of these in my collection because you can mix them and they are multi-purpose too.

Thanks for reading.

F A R R A H  T E L L S . . .


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