Miraculous Metique Products

I am so pleased I was contacted by the guys from Metique. I have always bought Tea Tree Oil (from the Body Shop) when I have pimples or minor outbreaks, it worked but was so oily. Anyway, I had just got back from LA and my skin looked and felt so congested and dirty and I was really looking forward to squeaky clean skin.

The week I received these products, my sister came up from London to stay with me and was complaining about her skin, so I got her to try the products and she took the 10% blended Tea Tree Oil back with her because she was gobsmacked with the instant results, read her review below;

“I cannot remember the last time I used tea tree oil, I’m pretty sure I was a prepubescent teen who smothered my face in my sister’s bottle because I liked the smell. It just so happens that I found my sisters Body Shop tea tree oil in her bathroom about 6 weeks ago (this time I asked permission) and decided to give it a go as my skin was having a terrible outbreak and redness that would not go away. I used the tea tree oil (Body Shops) until it ran out (2 weeks) and noticed that it had improved in keeping my outbreaks small and contained. Once it had ran out I decided I was going to buy a new one (it is now £7 by the way, what ever happened to it being £3.50).

I informed Farrah that I noticed a slight difference in my skin after using tea tree oil every night before bed. She then recommended Metique – she had a brand new bottle and hadn’t had a chance to trial it. So of course I took her up on it and I’m so glad I did. I don’t want this to turn into a Body Shop vs Metique tea tree oil off but it is the only other brand to compare it to.

Firstly I find Body Shop’s tea tree oil too shiny and less absorbent to wear during the day however with Metique’s I can put it on in the morning and it soaks right into my skin with it feeling oily or looking shiny.

Metique’s tea tree oil is mixed with Aloe Vera and Vitamin C&E which really helped with the redness I suffer from after a breakout (Body Shop’s didnt really help with the redness side of it). Whenever I feel a zit pop up I instantly dab some of it on the affected area and I see no more angry action from it and find that I wake up the next day with either nothing there or a very small, barely noticeable pimple. It also does a great job (from what I have noticed on my own skin) of ‘drying’ out existing pimples.

I cannot recommend this product enough as part of anyone’s beauty regime. This, a cup of honey and lemon every morning, less processed sugar and less snacking have really improved my skin.” Amina

The Antiseptic face wash costs £9.18 and the 10% blended Tea Tree Oil costs £7.14. I will definitely be re-purchasing both these products very soon! I highly recommend them, especially for congested, combination skin. My skin is so clear right now. Thank you Metique.

The full range of Metique products are available to buy here.

F A R R A H  T E L L S . .  .

*These products were sent to review, for me to ‘tell it like it is’.


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