Silky Hair with KeraStraight Intense Boost

You know that feeling, when you dread washing your salon blow-dried hair? because your hair just won’t look the same?

Well, I have tried a treatment which will leave you running to wash your pro blow dry because the results are pretty amazing!

A few weeks ago I went along to the Salon International show, which is a trade show for professionals in the hair industry.

I was fortunate enough to be offered a complimentary hair treatment by the guys from KeraStraight. I instantly assumed the treatment is to straighten your hair, however, I was most pleased when I discovered that the treatment smooths hair and you can choose the finish (straight, curls, waves). My hair is naturally wavey so of course I went for a wave, I LOVE straight hair but it just doesn’t suit my face.

I had the 30 day intense boost treatment which only took 30 minutes. This is a great way to test out the treatment before committing to the more permanent salon treatment which can last up to a year!

The treatment involved washing my hair followed by applying a mask, which was then dried into my hair. My hair was washed again and then blow dryed into my preferred style! Simples!My hair was transformed, so glossy and sleek yet volumised and wavey.



I have waited a few weeks to write about this treatment because I wanted to see how long it would last. My hair was glossy and smooth after washing it (no special products/blow dry) for two and half weeks. I am DEFINITELY booking into a local salon to go for the full treatment which lasts up to a year. I loved the results and miss having smooth glossy hair, back to wild banshee hair for now.

Find your local salon  offering this treatment here.

F A R R A H  T E L L S  . . .


3 thoughts on “Silky Hair with KeraStraight Intense Boost

  1. This sounds like my dream treatment. I am half Iranian, half English, and so although I am lucky to have very strong hair, it gets a bit confused about what it is doing at times if you know what I mean. I went for a treatment that promised similar results to this, but you couldn’t wash your hair for a week as part of the treatment. Umm, no thanks.
    I hate my hair without a blow dry, because I just feel it pulls my face down. Glossy, bouncy hair is definitely one of the best ways to achieve instant glam. I am all over this treatment. I have just looked up my nearest salon and I am going to call tomorrow and book. Thanks for sharing. xx

  2. Kerastraight is everything the product claims (at least for me) I am a fourty five yo man and retired from the military I decided to grow out my hair. To my shock I had curly hair never knew as my hair has always been very short. I looked in to all claim of customers/product lines though all claim how wonderful they are and have customer raves on all as ccounts there were contrary claims that the oroducts did all sort of aweful things (I think in some cases these contrary clains are propaganda written by competition to influence) any way I sorted through many many reviews and found the ones written on kerastraight/brazilian blow out seemingly most sincere/truthfull so I went with Kerastraight offered at Ultra. As I was sitting in the chair watching all this mixing and putting the product in my hair and the flat ironing I started to regret getting started and painfuly started to think of having to pay the 175 bucks after to only have the bad reviews result in my case. She washed my hair after (some salons leave it in for 3 days be fore washing ) and she partially dried it and asked me if I wanted it fully dry and I said yes . She told innitally it was not going to be compleetly straight after but natuarly wavy. Afyer she was done I was amazed and had to conceal my enthusiasm of how my hair looked. As she was telling me what products to use and how in five days it would feel and look even better I could already not believe how unbelievably heatthy it looked and felt. I was completely in hair contition shock. Well today is the second day and I “guy” styled my hair as i always had. (No product after the shower and towel dried shook my head and let it dry on its own before I brushed it; it feels and looks like a woman’s hair that has pamoered her hair for years. The bottom line is this treatment is unbelievable until it is done and even better (other than javing to use fancy-smancy shampoo and conditioner) I don’t have to do anything but clean condition and done

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