Minaj is missing

Happy New Year to you all!

I planned on writing so many blog posts when I left England for my New Years break, however, I have some awful news!

I landed in Cyprus, excited to see Minaj. However, when I went to collect her, the so-called dog trainer told me she escaped from his ‘care’ on 23rd December 2012, the same night she was left with him! He failed to call to tell us she had gone missing, so now God knows where she is! My poor dog has been missing for 8 days now! I was completely unaware for 5 of those days, I am furious!

I’ve put these posters up in the little village not far from Nicosia.

minaj poster



So, I am praying someone will see her and call. We have been on all day steakouts, hoping she will appear. It is so difficult, she is another country and could be anywhere in the city she is lost in. Most of the people in the town she was lost in don’t speak English either, so it’s so tiring, shouting out for her, looking for her. I feel so heartbroken and lost.

If there are any bloggers in Cyprus, please will you share my post with your readers or followers on twitter.

Thank you so much.




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