Tripollar Pose: Three week review

It’s been three whole weeks and time for a review on the Tripollar Pose.

I was super busy with a show for work so unfortunately I didn’t have the time to use my Pose during the first week of December. So, I have been testing it out twice a week on my saddle bags (upper thighs) from the second week of December up until today.

For those of you who missed my original post, you can read up on the Tripollar Pose here.

Or, here is a summary on how the Tripollar Pose works, the gadget transmits radio frequency energy which penetrates all skin layers, the layer with the fat heats more quickly than the dermis, which causes it to release liquid fat (fatty acid).

My objective for using the Tripollar pose is to treat my cellulite, which I can’t stand! I’m at the age (and cellulite stage now) where creams alone won’t work.thigh

I have been using the device for 15 minutes on each thigh twice a week and YES, I am ECSTATIC to say, I can see a REDUCTION IN CELLULITE! I am so pleased with the results after only three weeks, I can’t wait to see how the saddle bag areas look after 6 weeks…and beyond that! Only negative is, now I want to treat every single area on my thighs, stomach, hips…..I need a super size version to cover all of these areas.

I must advise, if you expect to see results, you MUST cover small patches of your chosen area and use for 15 – 20 minutes, two or three times a week.


I began with the low setting and quickly moved up to the high setting, which gets pretty hot, but not uncomfortable. The clever little device warns you when the skin is getting too hot by turning orange, you then move onto the next patch and so on.


I’ll report back in 3 weeks time with a 6 week review.

The Tripollar Pose is available to buy from here.

If you want to see a video on how it works, check this out.

There is also a face version of this device!!! It is called Tripollar STOP and is being hailed as an alternative to botox! Right up my street. #saynotobotox

I’ll do some research and report back on it.

Do you love beauty gadgets as much as I do?

F A R R A H  T E L L S . .. 


2 thoughts on “Tripollar Pose: Three week review

  1. Hello beautiful Farrah;) I’m in the USA . I wanted to to get an update to the Tripollar Pose . The device is not widely talked about here. I was thinking of getting it, but wanted to hear from a user first, since it is s little pricey. Did you get the results you were after? Thanks so much for your time;) Demi in the USA!

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