Memories and Thank You

Gosh, I can’t believe it’s been almost three weeks since I found out Minaj was killed. THANK YOU for all of the lovely comments, I wasn’t able to reply to them because I was just so upset.

I got back to the UK two days after that blog post and I saw her everywhere, memories all over the house, including the chewed out walls and doorframes, this makes me smile now and when I find myself about to get upset, I remember she is in Heaven with all the other cats and dogs who have sadly left us (including your beloved dogs and cat @nicolavc86, Christina @thedaydreamer, Gabriella @gabriella9990).

A friend, Jenna told me about a blog post London Lipgloss posted about emotional blogging, I didn’t know about the post before my feelings and emotions erupted and wouldn’t stop flowing the day I wrote the RIP Minaj post, but what I realised is how much it helped me, it was hard writing through tears like that but it was me being the most real I have ever allowed to be in my ‘Farrah online’ world. What also helped was the support from you guys, my amazing friends, I can call you my friends because I talk (well tweet/IG/email) you more than my everyday friends. THANK YOU for sharing your stories, feelings and kind words, it has helped me so much.

I had my phone on silent for the first two weeks and so I forgot my phone still rings as ‘California Girls’, Minaj loved this song because everytime my phone rang, I would sing along to the song to her, this made me cry the first time but now I smile and think of her chewing up Heaven. Haha.

I have to give some thank you’s to some more wonderful and thoughtful people for some beautiful gifts.


Thank you to Laura (LJ) for naming a star after Minaj, this was so thoughtful of you, only you would think of doing something as magical as this.

Thank you Jade (@longlegsjadey) for the wonderful picture mugs you had made for me and Julian, I can’t believe you went through my millions of Minaj pics to choose these, they are perfect.

Thank you Sam for the pretty locket to put some cute pictures of Minaj in.

Thank you Katie for the AHH-MAZE ‘See’s Candies’ chocolates, you know chocolate is the way to my heart, haha.

I really don’t mean for this to sound like some emo-speech but it’s really important to me and Julian to thank you all for your kindness, it has helped tremendously.

Onto a bit of beauty, after crying every day for like two weeks, I SWEAR by these eye masks…I ususally wake up with puffy grosse eyes which even make up can’t disguise, well, after (and during) crying I wore these Jamela gold eye masks and woke up with normal eyes! I have been through around 20 pairs, they are wonderful!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

eye masks


So, expect some more real, (not too emo) blogging from me this year!




F A R R A H  T E L L S  . . .


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