Halal Nails thanks to Inglot


Ever since I discovered Chanel’s Rouge Noir at the age of 15, I was a nail polish convert and wore it everyday, that was until I embraced Islam in 2008. During the beginning of my journey as a muslim, I had to change a lot about my everyday life, one of those changes including praying five times a day.

Now, praying five times a day is not hard, it’s not a burden as some people ask, it takes approximately five minutes for each prayer and fortunately my job allows me to pray throughout the day. There is a cleansing process I must complete before each prayer and as part of that process, water must touch my skin and nails. Well, I discovered that wearing nail polish was going to be a problem if I wanted to successfully complete my prayers.

So, for the last four years, I have asked nail polish brands if they could invent some sort of porous/breathable nail polish which will allow me (and other Muslim females) to be able to wear a pretty nail polish and pray, without having to go through the process of having to take it off at night or before sunset (when the first prayer of the day begins). You would think this would be possible in the age where you can send man to space, change Michael Jackson’s face (Sorry MJ, RIP) amongst other crazy things…..NO SUCH THING…UNTIL the GENIUS Mr Inglot (RIP) invented a range of ‘BREATHABLE’ O2M technology nail polish. If Mr Inglot were still alive, I would email him and thank him for such a genius invention.

Well, I can finally and gladly introduce you to HALAL NAILS! (thanks Kismet Lola for this tag, I LOVE IT).

NO MORE having to remove nail polish before Wudu (cleansing process before prayer).

NO MORE only being able to wear nail polish throughout your monthly (this was SO embarrasing, EVERYONE at work would know when I was ‘on’ if they saw me wear polish).

WE CAN wear colour on our nails now during prayers.

This technology will make SO many women happy, not just Muslims, but girls who want their nails to breathe whilst wearing a pretty polish.

Now, the technology is AMAZING and life changing, however, the range of colours and names of the Inglot colours are not great.

I went to the Inglot website where the polish swatches are…OK but I can’t stand the numbers as names! How un-inspiring…imagine someone asking ‘so what colour are you wearing..’ to reply ‘erm, number 637’. Who is going to remember that? and what colour do you envision?…nothing? thought so.

(So, Inglot, if you need my help naming the colours and coming up with some great new colours, I am available….)

Anyway, as the swatches online were not the best, I picked these colours to begin my O2M polish collection;


#619 is what I would describe as a cherry red with a subtle gold shimmer (the website doesn’t show any signs of shimmer, I am not into shimmers at all, I prefer a block colour, however, it is super subtle). If I had to give this a name, I would call it ‘Lola Cherry Chola’.

#618 is a satsuma orange with an iridescent pearl shimmer (again, not a fan of shimmer, but it is hardly noticeable which is great). I would call this ‘Make mine an Orangeade’, the colour reminds me of the cheap orange fizzy drink as a child (panda pops I think?).

I feel like I have SOOOOO much to say about these polishes and what joy they will bring (to the superficial side) of my life, but I will end on saying they are ACE quality, they glide on nicely, you’ll need two coats and be warned, they won’t be glossy, I am hoping Inglot will invent a glossy breathable top coat – if possible….don’t ask for much do I? either way, I am SO grateful! Thank you Inglot! I LUUUURVE you for this invention.

The Inglot breathable nail polishes cost £11 each and are available online here or in the Westfield store.

What do you think of this new technology, will you be trying them out?

F A R R A H  T E  L L S . . .


9 thoughts on “Halal Nails thanks to Inglot

  1. Actually, several tests done by people have shown that it is not permeable to water. A few bloggers have also compared inglot to it’s Canadian competitor Tuesday in Love and have shown the latter to be water permeable as they claim. You can find youtube videos of these tests as well:

    Hope this sheds some light on the issue 🙂

      1. Hi did you find out whether inglot is really permeable or not?? I really want to buy some but don’t know.

  2. Hi,

    As gutting as this is to me as well. Inglot does not let water through. I’ve tested it myself… It’s quite simple. I painted a large patch on a bit of paper and waiting for it to dry. And then I put water on top… It didn’t go through.


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