I started having laser hair removal back in 2011, however the place where I started my treatment became unreliable, my appointments were sporadic, I was having treatments way after I was due for a session, which resulted in the hair becoming strong again, so it was like I was starting all over again…as well as wasting all that money.

I was determined to find (a) a brilliant laser machine and (b) a reliable salon/clinic to carry out my treatments. After months of research, reading about all types of laser and laser machines (I won’t lie, a lot of it went way over my head), I finally found a machine I wanted my treatment with, elos technology by ‘Candela’. Elos technology is the next generation of safe and effective hair removal, it uses combined energies to effectively and gently remove hair of many colours (and wait for it) for ALL skin tones!

The next step was to find a salon (in Birmingham) offering this service with this particular laser machine. So, I contacted Syneron-Candela lasers direct. I was ECSTATIC to hear that the Outline Clinic in Solihull have this particular laser hair removal technology.

I have purposely waited until I was almost finished with my course of treatments to write this review, I only recommend products and treatments I truly believe in, which have given me visible and satisfying results. Also, I think the reason I could never get an appointment at the first laser place I went to was because so many of the readers of my old blog started going, which meant – no appointments for me.


Since September last year (I think) I have had 5 (full bikini and underarms) sessions of laser hair removal and WOW – I have had superb results, especially for my hair type. My wonderful, thorough and super professional therapist, Jo advised me I could need up to 8 sessions to permanently reduce hair growth. For you lucky gals with ‘normal’ hair, you should only need 6 sessions.

This particular machine penetrates the hair follicle with light energy , destroying it at its root while preserving the surrounding skin. It’s high frequency/low energy technology make this treatment very bearable (underarms, completely with some intimate areas less bearable). When contact is made with the skin, cooling begins with the blast of cool air, the laser pre-heats the target spot and then both energies work to attack both inside and outside the target spot.

I actually can’t remember when I had my last treatment, I think it was around 8 weeks ago and I am actually due in for my sixth session tomorrow even though I have no re-growth, but I am going to ask Jo what to do, she usually advises me to wait until some re-growth occurs because the laser needs something to ‘hit’ in order to be effective. This is another reason I highly recommend the Outline Clinic, Jo is so honest and sweet, she is always asking if I’m OK or need to have a break during my sessions. She is also SO thorough, she politely gets in all the nooks and crannies, I am so comfortable with her, I’m like ‘pull and stretch whatever you like, just pleeeeeease get every last grosse hair’.

I HIGHLY recommend this particular laser and Jo at Outline, it only costs £64 per session for full bikini (including the a$$ crack) and underarms (in Birmingham, I assume London prices will be double). I am so pleased with the results that I am now going to start on my face! Woohoo! Bye bye threading!

I am going to continue to have one off treatments, to keep the hair away for good, I just won’t need to go as often, maybe once a year. Laser hair removal (like laser eye surgery, which I have also had) is LIFE CHANGING. Imagine not having to worry about waxing/shaving the vag/underarms before a holiday/hot date? (*cough cough *wink wink at Faye) Why waste all that money and time on waxing every month? I only wish I could have my full body done! (*dreams and sighs)

What are your thoughts about laser hair removal? Would you have it?

Thanks for reading and email me if you have any questions about my treatments.

F A R R A H  T E L L S . . .


8 thoughts on “Smooth-V

  1. Hey Farrah,
    What a perfect time for you to do this post. I’m pretty much from the same location, and I have been looking for recommendations for laser hair removal for some time but haven’t heard anything more than the SK:N clinic in the City Centre which is ridiculous prices. Not many people have spoken so openly about their treatments so I’m glad you’ve shared this because I’ve wanted laser for a long time to get rid of insecurities.
    Please keep us updated on how your treatment goes on your face!
    Thanks again, and hope the rest of your treatment goes well! I’m so jealous your fuzz free! LOL
    Ravika x

  2. Hi Farrah
    Thanks for this lovely blog and kind words about our clinic, and that superstar – expert laser practitioner Jo!
    Look forward to seeing you soon.
    Mary & Jo

  3. Hi Farrah, thank you for your perspective on the candela laser. Tomorrow is my first full body treatment. I have been told to shave every inch that I want hair removed from prior to treatment. For legs, this is a no brainier but I’m terrified of shaving my arms. I don’t want coarse or dark hair growing on my arms in between treatments or even after 1st treatment. How embarrassing.
    Did you face this situation? Any insight you can give as to what the hair is like after the first treatment?
    Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.

  4. Oh gosh! so sorry, I could have sworn I replied!! I know it’s odd that you have to shave before laser and trust me, it took me ages to come to accept it, haha but think of the bigger picture and the long term results. The laser needs to zap the hair, so it’s important you shave so it picks up the pigment of the hair, not your skin.

    Don’t worry, after a few sessions you will start to feel the satisfaction of pulling out the hairs, it’s crazy, haha. I only go back for top ups now once a year, sooooooo much better than waxing.

    Good luck and let me know how you get on.xx

  5. Hi farrah, I had an awful experience with Candela laser and my hair has grown back stronger in all parts of my body that received treatment. They keep saying in the clinic that the hair I have now is hormonal but how can this be possible? I have more than when I started the treatment!

    1. Hello,

      I’m so sorry you’ve had such a bad experience. I have been told in the past that sometimes the laser can awaken/activate dormant hair follicles but I don’t know what’s happened in your case. I can advise you speak to the ladies who did my treatment, especially as the owner of the clinic used to train therapists using laser hair removal machines and she’s a registered nurse, so very experienced and knowledgable. Call the Outline Clinic and ask for some advice from Mary. Let me know how you get on.xx

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