Soft Supple Lips: Top 5 Lip Balms

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Lip balms are not just for teenagers anymore, if you belong to my age group, your first lip balm was probably one of the delicious fruity flavours from the Body Shop, in the glass jar with the black lid. Well, we’ve grown up now and we still use lip balm, however our needs (well, some of us) have evolved from wanting a sweet scent lingering on our lips.

The last time I did some research on the UK lip care market, it was worth almost £200m and is continuing to grow and with so much competition out there, how do you find the best lip balm (or in my case, lip balms) for you?

Well, firstly, if you’re like me, you want to experiment and try everything until the best stand out, which is what I have done here. If you would have asked me 10 years ago which my favourite lip balms were, I would have said;

1. CARMEX (classic, as that was the only flavour we had then).

2. EVE LOM Kiss Mix

So, 10 years on, my favourite lip balms are; (in order of the picture above)

1. Rose & Co. Rose Petal Salve

This little pot of Rose scented goodness is an all-round salve, for cuticles, stray eyebrows (me) and of course lips! I also use this on my cheekbones mixed with a bit of highlighter for when I want a dewy complexion. The tin is so adorable that I plan on keeping it when/if I ever finish the pot, which seems to last forever – my ‘magic porridge pot’ of lip balm.

RRP £5 available from and House of Fraser.

2. NUXE Reve de Miel

I have recommended this to quite a few guys since my husband is a massive fan and that’s because it has a matte finish, all of my straight male friends moan about the ‘glossiness’ of some lip balms. The key ingredient in this pot is honey which is in the name, ‘Reve de Miel’ translates to ‘Honey Dream’. I remember a long long time ago when my dad told me stories about how soldiers inured in war in India would dip their wounds in honey to prevent infection and to heal the wound. Honey has magical powers (save our honey bees – separate post to come on this subject). Whenever I am in Paris, I ALWAYS leave with around 10 pots of this stuff, good news is you can get it here too.

RRP £10 (depending where you buy it). I have seen it on Feel Unique for £9.50. Space.NK used to sell it, not sure if they still do and I have seen it in some London pharmacies too.

3. KORRES Lip Butter in Pomegranate

KORRES, a reliable, socially responsible and beautiful brand with natural products that actually work! I have been using the lip butters for years now, I always find myself re-purchasing Pomegranate, it is a lovely coral pink and I never go on holiday without it.

RRP £6 available from ASOS, feel unique, Liberty and House of Fraser.

4. CARMEX (classic)

The almighty CARMEX, literally cooked up by a guy called Alfred Woelbing over 75 years his kitchen. The formula remains the same to this day (apart from the UK’s version which differs slightly to the US formula due to EU regulations). When I was first buying CARMEX, there was only one flavour, now you have a choice of mint, strawberry, pomegranate, lime, vanilla…I just LOVE the smell of classic carmex, it evokes some happy memories for me and it’s totally unique! The packaging is unisex too, so guys can feel cool and confident whipping out their lil yellow pot..or tube.

RRP £2.65 available from Boots, Superdrug, BeautyMart at Harvey Nichols or Primark.

lip balms 2

5. Omorovicza Perfecting Lip Balm

omorovic lip balm

This is EXACTLY what this lip balm is – ‘perfecting’. I’m sure this plumps my lips up a little bit too, my lips instantly look and feel so smooth. This is a premium lip balm, so I am careful with how much I use it, using it before applying my lipstick, which seems to last all day and when my lips feel super dry. Just don’t lose it!

RRP £32 available from Liberty or

Due to the delicate, thin layer of skin, our lips are often the first to show signs of dryness, so it is important we keep them moisturised for healthy looking lips and my top 5 lip balms are certain to take care of your precious pout.

Thanks for reading.

F A R R A H  T E L L S . . . 


2 thoughts on “Soft Supple Lips: Top 5 Lip Balms

  1. Love this blgo post Faz, I’m never without my Rose Petal Salve or Carmex but I’m more of a Moisture Plus girl, I can’t resist the pink! x

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