Make mine a Skinny!

eyeko collage

I am rarely without my eyeliner, the few times I did go without, I was asked if I was sick or feeling unwell (niiiice!). So, from those comments, you can understand why I wear it everyday, unless I’m having a duvet day.

I have tried all forms of eyeliner and most brands, I have always and still to this day, prefer liquid eyeliner over gel, cake and pencil for top lid feline flicks.

When I was a Pro Make Up Artist, a lot of my clients told me they were frightened to use liquid liner in case they made a mistake, in my opinion, liquid liner is easy to use than gel and cake liner and if I had the patience (and b*lls) to make YT videos, I would show you how easy it is to use.

*Tip: Practice makes perfect (yes, it’s an old saying but so true), practice, practice, practice and take small steps, don’t attempt to draw the full flick in one go, try drawing some dots and then join them up. If you DO find you’ve made a mistake, dip a cotton bud into some micellar water/make up remover and gently remove and rectify.

Eyeko is a brand devoted to eyes only, it’s rare to find a brand specialising on one feature in the beauty world and this is what makes this brand special for me, they specialise in what they know best.

eyeko lines

Eyeko’s Skinny Liquid Eyeliner is (most importantly for me) long lasting, due to a key ingredient called Sodium Hyaluronate, making it smudge-proof with intense colour payoff. Have you ever had a black eyeliner that looked black when it was wet but looked grey as soon as it dries? This is why when I test eyeliners in stores, I will walk around and wait for that line to dry, check the colour, then put it through some smudge-proof testing…THEN, I go back and buy..if it has passed my tests.

The point on this eyeliner is very precise and you can control how thick/thin you want your line. It’s great for mature skin (around the eye area) because you don’t need to drag the pen and the formula isn’t drying, it’s actually pretty moisturising.

*Tip: For a feline flick in a single stroke, press the pen gently on its side and swoosh on your line, if you want a Sophia Loren style flick, gently lift the corner of your eye to get a higher flick.

For only £10, this pen is still going strong for me and I have had it for 3 months! It’s also available in 5 colours, I would love to try olive, blue and purple for Spring/Summer.

Available from and in the & Other Stories store on Regent St.

Thanks for reading.

F A R R A H  T E L L S . . .


One thought on “Make mine a Skinny!

  1. I have this liner in the purple shade, and I adore it. I think this is so easy to apply – the pen–style applicator is almost impossible to screw up. And as a girl who sucks at traditional liquid liner application, I can also assure liquid-liner-phobes that this one is worth a try!

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