Bite me Zinfandel!

bite collage

I picked this lil beauty up from Selfridges’ fancy schmancy beauty workshop area over a month ago – I think (could be longer, can’t remember). BITE Beauty is a Canadian brand, specialising in all-natural lip care…and apparently healthy enough to…EAT!

I was ecstatic to see the BITE display in Selfridges, I saw it in Sephora in LA and kicked myself for not buying anything from the range. I selected a couple of lipsticks and lip conditioners but they were out of stock, so the only item I got to buy was this highly pigmented matte lip pencil in Zinfandel.

I would own every one of these pencils if I could, I am so impressed with how moisturising and long lasting this pencil is, you also have the added benefit of using it to line your lips as well.

A big bugbear for me when it comes to lipsticks in this form is the need for a bl@@dy sharpener, well, the clever folks  at BITE thought about this and made sure you wouldn’t need a sharpener, you just wind the pencil up when it starts to blunt.

Made with a double-dose of premium micronised pigments and super antioxidant resveratrol, (which fights free radicals). Apparently, each lip pencil contains the amount of resveratrol found in five glasses of wine (does this mean you’ll feel tipsy if you eat the whole pencil?).

The colour is a ‘typical me’ colour of a warm orange/red, similar to my old fave, NARS Red Square (but the need to sharpen that pencil wore me out after 6 years of wearing it).

bite lips

I hope the lip tints and the lipstick colour I wanted are in stock next time I am in Selfridges. This brand has a lot to offer!

RRP £24 from Selfridges (London) or Selfridges online.

Oh, also, I popped into my local Space.NK today to check out the latest NARS satin velvet lip pencils, which are luuuuuuuurvely..but……THEY DON’T COME WITH A SHARPENER!!!

F A R R A H  T E L L S . . .


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