Summer lovin’ scent from See by Chloe

Following on from my previous perfume post (which you can read here), I have discovered another gem of a perfume, which is now my Summer scent…..   Created by perfumer Michel Almairac, the new See By Chloe perfume is an addictive floral/fruity scent. I must say, I wasn’t blown away by my first spritz, however, I noticed within 10 minutes, how it started to change from … Continue reading Summer lovin’ scent from See by Chloe

Step back in time at the Rose & Co Apothecary

Last weekend, my sisters and I took a road trip to the famous village of Haworth, also known as Bronte Country (home to the  literary greats, the Bronte sisters). I’m also certain I saw a sign in the village that Haworth was the very first fair trade city in the WORLD! As much as I am a huge fan of the Brontes’ work, my primary … Continue reading Step back in time at the Rose & Co Apothecary

Scents and Sensibility

I have been meaning to share some of my perfume collection for a while now. This post is to help you decide if a ‘scent’ is a ‘sensible’ purchase. This is only my personal opinion, others may not agree with me, however, I must add that I am regularly consulted for fragrance quality advice by friends and family.  I’ll begin by sharing with you that I never wear EDT (Eau … Continue reading Scents and Sensibility