Step back in time at the Rose & Co Apothecary

Last weekend, my sisters and I took a road trip to the famous village of Haworth, also known as Bronte Country (home to the  literary greats, the Bronte sisters). I’m also certain I saw a sign in the village that Haworth was the very first fair trade city in the WORLD!

As much as I am a huge fan of the Brontes’ work, my primary purpose for visiting this picturesque village was to finally step foot into the magical world of the Rose & Co Apothecary.


Cobbled streets lined with independent shops welcome thousands of tourists from all over the world on a daily basis. We were in Haworth on a Sunday and were surrounded by Chinese, Spanish as well visitors from other UK cities. As soon as I step foot on the Hight St of Haworth (Main St) I made a bee line straight to the Rose & Co Apothecary, clearly everyone else did too because the shop was jam-packed!

Formerly an old Druggist shop (where Branwell Bronte bough his Opium), the apothecary was everything I had imagined plus more, I felt like Tom in ‘Tom’s Midnight Garden’ upon discovering the Victorian era garden when the clock struck the 13! The walls and floors are lined with mahogany with vintage glass cases full of delicious edible and non-edible treats.

Everything about the store was intriguing, exciting and alluring. I was in awe of all the jars and drawers full of quaint and cool brands, both non-edible and edible such as the Patisserie de Bain range, Paul & Joe cosmetics,  locally produced preserves, condiments, fudge and biscuits.

This ‘bin’ was full of DELISH Milk of Roses bath salts.
Pretty bath fancies.



Preserves in all sorts of scrumptious flavours
Preserves in all sorts of scrumptious flavours
One of my HERO products, Zam-Buk ointment.


Don’t be fooled, these are SOAPS! YUMMMMM
Panties in the ladies fitters dept
Panties in the ladies fitters dept



Retro packaging.

After spending a good hour in Rose & Co, we decided to visit the other stores and bought SO many sweets and fudge from the retro sweet shop across the road from Rose & Co and then headed over to Cobbles and Clay for a tasty home cooked lunch.

It started raining.
Farrah’s…of course you’d find my name on sweets!


I highly recommend a tasty lunch at Cobbles and Clay. Kids come here to create pottery and paint it, totally getting involved in that next time.

After our day in Haworth, Caroline Rose, founder of Rose & Co invited my sisters and I over for tea and to meet her charming little pack of chihuahuas. Caroline is such a girls girl, so warm and welcoming with charisma and she has this aura which exudes happiness and elegance. We all chatted for hours about how Caroline and her mum started the business (in their kitchen), how the bath salts are STILL to this day made at her home, exciting plans for the brand and of course dogs!  The chi’s are just toooooo adorable, they all have their own quirky little ways which was so entertaining to watch.

I absolutely adore the Rose & Co brand and I am so glad I finally got to visit the famous Apothecary, if you love all things pretty, vintage and quirky then you MUST visit the shop. It really does feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

My sisters enjoying tea at Caroline’s.
The Rose & Co Chi's
The Rose & Co Chi’s
Queen Bee of the pack
Queen Bee of the pack
Totally inappropriate attire! My sisters bullied me throughout the whole day!

F A R R A H  T E L L S . . .


2 thoughts on “Step back in time at the Rose & Co Apothecary

  1. Oh wow! I wish my school had taken me there as I also studied Wuthering Heights and Jayne Eyre. YES!!! I LOVED the vintage shop, it was so busy in there. Can’t wait to go back.x

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