The power of Kneipp


Do you have a product or a brand that you find yourself re-buying so often that it becomes a part of your life? Like, so part of your life, you don’t stop to take the time to truly appreciate it? Now, I don’t mean a product like a lipstick, I am talking about a product that works wonders for you that you can’t live without it!

Kneipp is one of those brands for me, I first discovered Kneipp in a London pharmacy many years ago, however more recently I have been fortunate enough to actually be working for ze German brand!!

I feel it’s really important to give you a brief overview on the wonderful story behind the brand, so here goes….Created in 1891 by Naturopath, Priest and Philanthropist Sebastian Kneipp, this man dedicated his life to harnessing the healing power of nature. Kneipp  cured himself from tuberculosis using the very nature around him, mainly through daily immersions in the Danube River.  With the illness firmly behind him, Kneipp devoted the rest of his life to studying the healing power of water, plants and herbs (I admit, I wrote this blurb for my press release, but hey I’m in PR and at least it’s my own press release…)

He provided treatments to the poor people of his village free of charge and it was only when profiteers tried cashing in on his name with poor quality products that he took action in 1891 and partnered up with a pharmacist friend to create the authentic, superior quality range of Kneipp products.


My monthly re-buys are the mineral bath salts, which are made with natural essential oils combined with natural thermal spring salts, sourced from Europe’s last remaining salt works. These salt crystals are evaporated from the pure waters of a 250 million year old underground salt water sea. The crystals are easily soluble and leave skin smooth, exfoliated and allows skin to effortlessly absorb the essential oils.

My favourites are;

Pure Bliss (made with Poppy and Hemp) for the ultimate relaxation (and a natural high)

Juniper, the muscle soother, perfect for achey muscles. As my husband is a pro athlete, he uses these ALL the time, which is why the jar is empty!

Arnica, for joints and muscles, another one he uses!!! This is great if you suffer from arthritis as well.

They don’t just smell amazing AND have a purpose, the coloured salts (which are dyed with food colouring) also use colour therapy to help you relax your mind as well as your body.

The main reason I regularly use these salts is for when I have breakouts of psoriasis, when I’m stressed I suffer from the same thing as Kim Kardashian, and these salts really help with the itching and scaliness. (I tried talking friends into giving my breast milk for it, but they are having none of it, so I will stick with Kneipp).

Guess how much a 500g jar costs…..


Available from Graftons Beauty online or bath and unwind.

Just use the cap to measure, pour into your running bath, ideally at 36 degree temperature, for around 20 minutes.

Have you used kneipp before?

F A R R A H  T E L L S . . .


One thought on “The power of Kneipp

  1. Hi Farrah, these were recommended to me a little while back. I have had a look at the website but I just can’t decide which ones will be best for me. I would want one that is revitalising and then one that is relaxing, which ones do you recommend? Jude xx @jadlgw

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