Hot pink summer!

Haaaaaaaaappy Sunday!

So looks like summer is finally here, it’s been a beautiful hot day here in Brum. I’m most pleased about summer finally making an appearance because it means I get to wear one of my favourite colour lipsticks –hot pink!

Of course you can wear pink lipstick all year round, however, I prefer to wear reds and oranges during winter and spring and pinks and nudes during the summer.

I have SO many pink lipsticks, some of which I have mentioned in my blog in the past, so I am going to share the latest additions to the pink fam to you today.

lip 1


I briefly touched on the Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte lipstick in my last post, as it is brand spanking new! It’s a warm hot pink, so suitable for everyone! This colour is so hot with just a flick of black eyeliner and a light dusting of bronzer. As Priya (Beautywowza) described this lipstick as ‘buttery’, it really is, it glides on effortlessly with dense pigment and lasts for hours.

As for the Daniel Sandler Luxury Matte Lipstick, I literally just got this on Friday and squealed with excitement! Nadine knows me too well to pick this shade for me (Gigi), as soon as she gave it to me, I applied it immediately and it lasted through pizza AND a Morellis at Harrods, it also leaves a stain on your lips, so you can apply a bit of lip balm for a more natural look. I can’t wait to get a tan to really show this colour off.

The swatches below on my fingertips are just one swipe of the bullets, look how richly pigmented they both are.

You should always swatch lipsticks on your fingertips because it gives more of a reliable indication of how the lipstick will look on your lips. The skin on your lips is nowhere near like the skin on the back of your hands.

lips 2Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte Lipstick RRP £19.00

Daniel Sandler Luxury Matte Lipstick RRP £13.25

What are your fave colour lipsticks for the summer?

F A R R A H  T E L L S . . .


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