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Most of you know that my husband is a pro athlete and in the industry he is in, he has AWFUL feet. I really dislike feet and hate the fact that this post is about toenails (*cringing like nails going down a blackboard). I digress….anyhow, Mr Gray has terrible toenails as a result of years of stamping on his feet and his nails were in terrible condition…

….until he started using the Viridian Organic Nail and Cuticle Oil a month ago.

The product was sent to me and he was being nosey asking if he could use it on his awful feet, I laughed at him and said it’s not a miracle oil…boy did I end up eating my words.

This stuff REALLY is a miracle worker! He has used SO many products over the years, fungal specific products (he will hate me for this), products recommended by chiropodists, you name it, he has tried it.

He started using a few drops of this anti-fungal and organically grown blend of soothing waxes on his nails every night before bed and noticed a difference within two weeks, his big toenail was black (vom) and now it’s growing healthy, he is SO pleased with the results.

So, now he is happy and his nails are healthy! Reeeeeeesult!

Available for £12.95 here.

F A R R A H  T E L L S  . .  .

*PR sample


2 thoughts on “happy healthy nails

  1. I’m glad he found something that works for him. I always wondered if men felt self-conscious about having such gross feet/toenails. Some of them are pretty gross. lol.

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