Shower favourites



I hope you like my ‘action shot’, I took this picture just before I was about to have a shower….

This post is about my shower favourites and two of my favourite everyday bath and body brands are Greek natural brand, KORRES and German Super Brand, Kneipp.  The brand next to my Kneipp Body Wash is Italian Spa Brand, [comfort zone], which I will discuss in a moment.

Kneipp has been around for a very long time (since 1891 to be exact- I must disclose that I work for Kneipp and truly love this brand). You have six options to choose from within the body wash range, I refer to the body washes as ‘options’ because Kneipp products are functional, they all provide a purpose. For example, Mint & Eucalyptus is recommended for cold and sinus relief. You’ll also notice that the body washes are not called ‘shower gels’, this is because they are packed with vitamins and essential oils, which leave skin moisturised after showering, unlike the cheap gloopy ‘shower gels’ you find on offer in supermarkets (which I am guilty of buying – for my guest bathroom, oops). My favourites are Almond Blossom (pictured) which leaves my skin smooth and smelling sweet and also Pure Bliss (Poppy & Hemp), which I refer to as my ‘natural high’.

RRP £4.45

Stockist: Graftons Beauty

I was recently at the Professional Beauty show where I met some old pals from [comfort zone] who kindly gave me a product from the Skin Regimen range. The Juvenate Body Scrub is an antiaging, nourishing body scrub which is formulated with Chia Seed particles (yep, Chia Seeds- the latest antiaging power food).

scrub swatch


I plan on using this wonderful smelling, skin smoothing scrub sparingly because I googled stockists and it doesn’t even appear to exist! What I also love about this scrub is that it doesn’t leave a horrible greasy residue on my shower floor and it doesn’t clog up my shower drain. I absolutely love it! I just wish I knew the cost and stockist info! Sorry!!!!

Thanks for stopping by.

F A R R A H  T E L L S . .  .


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