Les Merveilleuses- Laduree Beauty


Laduree, the famous patisserie have cleverly entered the ever-growing and lucrative world of beauty with an impressive range which includes skincare, make up and accessories.

I first saw the range in Sephora, Paris in December (not sure exactly when it launched) and I fell in love with the packaging but I was being smart with my money, after over spending on fancy dinners and expensive skincare. Hence, I didn’t buy it at that time. However, I couldn’t stop thinking about one particular blusher, a bright red called ‘Ecarlate’. So, when my sister was running the Paris marathon the other week, I asked her to pick one up for me.

The actual make up is made in Japan and the outer packaging is made in Taiwan. The packaging AND product remind me very much of Paul and Joe, in fact, if I were to take a wild guess, I would assume they could possibly be made by the same supplier.

blusher outer

The outer case and the pressed cheek colour some separately, which makes sense because it would be a crime to throw away the packaging when you have finished your blusher. There is also a compartment underneath the blush which holds a brush, which it should for the price you pay. I personally wouldn’t use it, I love my Hakuhodo cheek brush.

blusher brush

If you visit the Les Merveilleuses website , you’ll see the colour swatches are not true to their actual colour, which is a shame because if you really want something from the range, you’ll have no choice to buy it online and have to use their colour chart. My colour is a vivid red/coral  but on their page it looks more peach/coral.

close up

Although it looks very highly pigmented, it’s not what I am used too. It’s similar to the Tom Ford blusher where you need to build up colour, not like NARS blushers where I only need to use a little for the amount of colour I like. I still love it but is it worth 52 Euros? which is £43….In my opinion, NO. However, if you are sucker for beautiful packaging then you’ll love this, but I want an incredible product as well as or instead of fancy packaging.

F A R R A H  T E L L S . . . 


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