Henna Art comes to Selfridges

I first met the super-talented Pavan a few years ago when she was quietly creating henna masterpieces on celebs, so it has been wonderful to see her brand grow with the likes of Topshop wanting a piece of the action. In May, Pavan will be launching into Selfridges, London, the store voted ‘the best department store in the world’. You know you’ve made it when … Continue reading Henna Art comes to Selfridges

The Usual Suspects – Lips

Like most girls, I tend to accumulate A LOT of lip products in my bag by the end of the week. I decided to feature my most popular lip swag, some of them are classics I always wear and some are new additions to the ever-growing lip (stick/balm/tint/gloss/you-name-it) collection. So, take a look at my line up of the usual suspects… My favourite lipsticks are; * Stila … Continue reading The Usual Suspects – Lips