Henna Art comes to Selfridges

I first met the super-talented Pavan a few years ago when she was quietly creating henna masterpieces on celebs, so it has been wonderful to see her brand grow with the likes of Topshop wanting a piece of the action.

In May, Pavan will be launching into Selfridges, London, the store voted ‘the best department store in the world’. You know you’ve made it when you get into the flagship store. Well done Pavan.

Just look at what her and her team are capable of….

henna 2

I think Henna has really evolved from asian brides to girls wanting to have fun with art, safely (as Henna is all natural) and it’s also temporary, you don’t have to get ‘inked’ with tattoos which you will more than likely regret (speaking from personal experience AND going through painful tattoo removal).

henna 1

So, if you just want some fun body/hand art or if you want something special for festival season, head on over to Selfridges in May.





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