Henna for a Tenna at Lush

henna hair

Ta-da!! This is my hair after the incredible ‘Henna for a Tenna’ treatment at Lush.

I have never dyed my hair and don’t want to. However, I spotted some grey (well white) hairs last year and I thought it was about time I tried to cover them up instead of pulling them out! So, I went to Lush in Solihull where the most NICEST girl did my ‘Henna for a Tenna’ treatment.

I have always admired Lush, it’s a brand I have been loyal to since my college days. I always make an effort to visit Lush stores to see what’s new and I find the customer service on another level, in fact, I am always so impressed,I always tweet at Lush to let them know their staff are incredible, this is something Lush totally owns – the best sales staff, it doesn’t matter which Lush store you visit, you will find the same type of personality; warm, welcoming, knowledgeable about their products and not pushy.

I am totally digressing….back to my henna treatment. I always assumed Henna was ‘orange/red’, you know the colour of the stuff you put on your hands…well, I was wrong. At Lush, they have the finest Persian henna in; Marron, Brun, Rouge and Noir.

I chose Brun, as my hair is naturally a dark brown.

henna in pot

This is how henna looks after being mixed with water…

henna on hair

The mixture was then applied to my hair in sections, which looked like dreadlocks, and were very heavy.

It took the lovely girl at lush an hour and a half to apply my henna treatment, which I think is an incredibly good deal for just £10, she used a whole bar of Brun Henna, which costs £8.50. I couldn’t have done this myself at home, especially not thoroughly and I don’t even want to think about the mess!  The total cost of my treatment was only £18.50.

I had to walk home with cling film wrapped around my green dreads, but it was OK for me because I live so close to the store. I left the treatment on for 2 hours and then washed it out which took a while (because I have long hair). You’ll need a patch test first and then make sure you book in at least a week in advance so the store can make sure there is an extra person available to do your treatment.

I will continue to henna my hair, even though it didn’t cover those awful strands of white! (URGH)..my hair looks more glossy and vibrant. It feels conditioned and healthy, I have also found that I haven’t had to wash it as often….don’t know why but I can go for 4 days without washing my hair after this treatment!

Something else I discovered whilst in Lush is this DEEEEEEEEL-ICIOUS Fairly Traded Honey Shampoo!!!

honey shampoo

You know I love Philip B shampoo right? but it IS super expensive, well THIS is INCREDIBLE! It smells just like real honey (because half of it is actually made from honey). It leaves my hair feeling smooth, looking glossy and smelling sweeeeeeeeeeeet! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! and it only costs £14.45.




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