PelleFirm – Body Treatment System

Last night I attending a sneak preview of the brand spanking new Pellefirm system at the Malmaison, Birmingham.

The FDA-approved PelleFirm system provides a non-invasive, pain free (the model at the event confirmed this) treatment to tighten skin on the body, claiming to result in a more toned appearance and reduction of cellulite (I am going to try a treatment and report back on the effects on cellulite).

Pellefirm works on treating skin which has become lax as a result of ageing or perhaps after childbirth as well as flabby, loose skin on upper arms, necks, butt and thighs (*there is a face version of this treatment called Pelleve).

I had never heard of this particular treatment before and in all honesty, I wasn’t convinced of how effective it would be. I have grown up around the world of cosmetic surgery (FYI – I haven’t had any work done, even though my mum always advises me to) and always believed that only invasive surgery  can produce the desired results.

So, of course, I had to go and check it out. The model at the event was a beauty blogger, Claire at the Beauty Scoop, who has been undergoing a course of treatments. Before Claire shared her story, I was thinking to myself “nothing is even wrong with her stomach, it already looks toned..”. Claire told us that she had lost an incredible 6 stone, none of us could believe it, she looked incredible and had the teeniest, tiniest stretch marks (I have more than her from my teenage not-so-much-of-a growth spurt.)

Claire during her treatment
Claire during her treatment

It works on the skin using a combination of Radio Frequency energy and mechanical massage for deep tissue heating. The heat breaks down collagen in order for the body to stimulate new collagen and elastin formation and production in the dermis and existing bands of collagen. The result….tight, firm skin.

Anyway, after just a few sessions, Claire has already noticed a difference in the skin on her tummy area. I know a lot of my readers all suffer with the same problem as me…the dreaded cellulite, so I plan on trying this treatment out and will report back.

I must warn you, this treatment is for ALL SKIN TYPES, but NOT ALL BODY TYPES, if you have excess skin on your tummy (I mean, SUPER excess skin) then you will not be suitable for this treatment, it would be a massive waste of your money. Below are some examples of good case studies.


The Stratford Dermatherapy Clinic offers this treatment, you will need to go for a consultation before you can be considered for treatment.

Treatment for the abdomen area costs around £400 per session.



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