Say Hello To My Little Friends…


This post is sooooooooo long overdue! I am head over heels in love with Charlotte Tilbury’s make up collection! I want EVERYTHING! No, seriously, I like, no, love IT ALL! Since I took this picture, I have added to the collection which I will cover in a separate post which will include how the Filmstar Bronze & Glow actually looks on my skin and how to use it.

Right, let’s get this review started…

You’ll notice the sneaky Erno Laszlo box peaking out amongst Char Tilbury, that, my friends is the Phormula 3-9 Eye Repair, this an adaptation of the original formula created for Marilyn Monroe (just seemed like such a natural fit to feature alongside the Filmstar Bronze & Glow). I have tried many eye creams/serums/gels…you name it but this is my favourite! You can judge my eyes for yourself when you see them in my next post, for me, this is an investment for the future of my eye-skin-area. Remember, prevention is better than cure!

The Erno Laszlo range is available at Harrods.

Back to CT, I thought it only right to test out the highly gossiped about ‘Magic Cream‘. If you have dry/normal skin, this is perfect for you, in my opinion, it might be too rich for oily skin. However, it smells suspiciously similar to Ponds cream, but nevertheless, it makes a wonderful base for glowing skin. For £70, it is worth it as a little goes a long way. I am considering making a video to demonstrate how the Magic Cream looks and works in conjunction with a foundation, so I’ll keep you updated on that…

I haven’t been able to properly test out the Light Wonder foundation because I have had a tan for most of the time since buying this, so it doesn’t match my skin colour at the moment. However, the texture is lovely, light and illuminating – everything I want in a base. I don’t like the ‘over done’ look, where my skin looks flawless, I’ll leave that to the celebs! I want to wash my make up off at night and wake up in the morning to see the same face in the mirror! Make up should enhance not my opinion.

I got the Wonder Glow illuminator to use with the Light Wonder foundation, but you can totally use this alone or with any other base, it reminds me a lot of the MAC Lustre Drops but you get waaaaaay more! I think this would work really well for bridal make up, it’s very subtle.


Now, for this lil beauty – Filmstar Bronze & Glow

This palette is everything you need to contour, sculpt and highlight your face, without the need for the ridiculous over-the-top Kim Kardashian contouring. WHO HAS TIME TO EVEN CONTOUR TO THAT EXTREME? (note that this is a rhetorical question).


I love this palette and to be honest, I don’t contour my face, I use the ‘Sculpt’ powder as a bronzer and ‘Highlight’  on areas of  my face which I want to highlight or emphasise. However, I will show you how you can use this palette to contour pretty quickly without the need for multiple concealers, powders, eyeshadows and bronzers (but not right now).

This handy compact is exactly that, it’s great for travel, for your handbag and to keep contouring simple…how it should, with just two sections. I also highly recommend the CT Sculpting Brush, which I also have but it was a recent purchase so not featured here, but don’t worry, you will get to see that soon.

The consistency of both powders is very airy and light, the highlighter is so finely milled it’s as soft as talc, so go gentle on it with your brush. I was pretty aggressive at first going in pretty hard but soon discovered that gently does it. Also, with contouring and sculpting, it is best to start off light until you learn how best to sculpt for your face shape. This is a very clever product and every girl should have this as part of her make up arsenal!

RRP £49 Available from Selfridges.

I also have some Kohl pencils which I will feature next time. They are SUPERB! Especially Barbarella, which is my everyday look lately, a soft, dark, sultry brown.

The full Charlotte Tilbury collection is available from Selfridges online and in stores, the girls in store are SO nice, helpful and knowledgable too! Unlike some of the other make up counters…..

Thanks for reading!



3 thoughts on “Say Hello To My Little Friends…

  1. Hi, just wondering what shade of the Light Wonder foundation you got. It’s so hard to pick a foundation shade off the internet!

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