The Big Scary World of Vlogging

I don’t do news years resolutions but this year I did set myself one goal, which was to finally vlog. After years of being a blogger,naturally, it’s the next step, almost like a step up the career ladder but I have chickened out…

I finally invested in a new fancy camera in February and I was all set to begin vlogging, I even had my debut appearance planned out, but then my beloved King got ill and the last thing I wanted to do was talk make up.

Which leaves me here, to the present day typing away while debating whether to become a vlogger and I am not ashamed to admit that it scares me but excites me too. I really, really, really want to but being a beauty vlogger is pretty scary, you totally open yourself up to the world in a different way. I mean, what happens if you’re having a bad hair or bad skin day? do you reschedule for another day? How do you react to trolls who make bitchy comments because that’s all they exist for – to put other people down. How about age? How old is too old or too young to vlog? Most beauty vlogs I have seen are by twenty-somethings, which I personally really enjoy but what about older women? Women who have hooded eyelids and want smokey eyes?

Then there’s the time…I was half editing a video at work with one of my team, who is super talented and it took us hours…..for like a 6 minute video.

Which leads me into my next thought….

How professional does your vlog need to be?

If you go onto YouTube, you will see thousands of beauty vlogs and they vary from the Hollywood-directed-calibre such as Michelle Phan   or how vlogging all began – bedroom vlogging. What do people like to watch these days?

Does brilliant editing, lightboxes, camera angles and music lack authenticity? or has vlogging just simply evolved?

The big question is….

What do people want to see?

For me personally,  I won’t watch a video longer than 3 minutes, however, if you have captured my attention within the first 3 minutes and the video is longer, then I will continue to watch but for NO LONGER THAN 6 MINUTES…

Maybe I am just thinking too much about it but it is also part of my job, so I watch ALOT of vlogs, which I think is a bad thing for someone wanting to start their own.

So, to all the vloggers out there, I have a HUGE amount of respect for you, for the time you invest in filming and editing your videos, but I am curious, do you all always look so damn good or do you ever suffer from bad days like the rest of us?



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