The £100 Foundation

In the last few years, I have noticed the rise in prestige cosmetics brands, such as Tom Ford and Charlotte Tilbury, which can mean only one thing…there is a demand for expensive make up! There are women out there, like myself who think nothing of paying £36 for a lipstick (my father would be so disappointed, he can make £36 last him a week)…I digress…So, I questioned myself…..does a big price tag mean a superior quality product? Or does that price tag reflect the brand’s marketing spend?

Every saturday, I stop by my local Space.NK and the other weekend I had a little nosey at the By Terry stand, the Nutri-Lifting Foundation caught my attention…I swatched the darkest one out of the three shades (there are only three shades because of colour match technology) and then asked the sales assistant for the price. I have a quite a few By Terry products, so I knew it would be higher than your average foundation but I almost choked when she said £100….

By Terry Eclat Opulent (2)£100 for a foundation….I was transported back in time to one of my favourite movies, Pulp Fiction and the conversation about the $5 shake….is this foundation really worth £100??

Well, £100 on a foundation is a bit of a gamble for me at the moment, especially when my trusty Bourjois ones do what I need them to do (or my Clarins concealer). The lovely sales assistant offered my a little sample, it was just enough for 2 days, so I can’t give you an accurate review but I personally wouldn’t spend £100 on this foundation. I think it is more suited for much older skin as it claims to have an instant wrinkle-filling effect. It reminds me of Chantecaille’s Future Skin (which is cheaper and has a wider selection of colours). It glides on very nicely and did last during my cardio tennis session (which gets sweaty) but I think I would rather put that £100 towards my skincare regime (by now I think you know I swear by Erno Laszlo).

For more information check out the product description here.

Or, you can buy it from Space.NK.

How much would you pay for a foundation?



2 thoughts on “The £100 Foundation

  1. I work in space Nk and this foundation is suited for a older skin as it has lots of firming and lifting benefits. I wouldn’t pay that much for a foundations but the clients that do buy it are always so pleased with the results.

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