Magical Inca Oil for Lustrous Hair

shampooHi guys!

It’s been pretty crazy lately, now that I have taken up tennis, which I’m really enjoying and I’m at the age where all of my friends are/becoming mums, so there are LOTS of baby showers (totally feel like Carrie from Sex and the City during these shindigs). Anyway, I hadn’t seen some of the girls in a while and they were asking what I use on my hair to make it ‘glossy’ (their words). Well, I haven’t had a hair cut in months, my hairdresser is so busy and now she is ill, so I have to try to take care of my hair the best I can.

I like to change my shampoo every so often, I never stick to one brand and I always use hair oil.  I recently discovered a pretty special range called Inca Oil by an Italian brand called TMT. The Pandora hair oil is AHHHHHH-MAZING!!! I only need a few pumps but even when I was heavy handed the first time I used it, my hair didn’t feel sticky or oily. I love hair oils and have been using them since childhood, I remember when my mum would totally soak my sisters and my hair in Jasmine oil on a Sunday before our bedtime bath…I must say, the Inca Oil is so different to other hair oils and this is probably why…

Sacha Inchi, also known as ‘Inca Peanut’ is a small plant in Peru which consists of small lobes which contain tiny seeds in which this precious oil is extracted. The Incas were the first to discover the rare properties of this plant which scientific studies have described as the best natural oil due to its unique nourishing properties and can be specifically used for weak, damaged hair.

I also have the natural shampoo as well, which is really delicate due to its neutral pH. I find I have to use ALOT of the shampoo for my hair to feel clean and I don’t wash my hair everyday, so I think this is definitely more suited for gals with sensitive scalps or who need to wash their hair everyday.

There are limited stockists, but you can buy the Inca Oil products here.

The Natural Shampoo RRP £13.00

Pandora Oil 100ml RRP £30.00 and also available in 10ml RRP £5.45



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