The Sweet Smell of Spiced Biscuit by Durance

Spiced Biscuit


Durance is my favourite home fragrance brand and has been for over 5 years now. A family-run business founded in 1986 by a couple passionate about perfume and inspired by the beautiful nature that surrounded them in Provence, France.

I have actually been fortunate enough to visit the Grignan Castle where the best lavender plants grow, which are then used in Durance’s home fragrance products. I have also visited the factory and watched the small team insert wicks by hand and finish off the candle by hand with delightful details such as the hand tied raffia ribbon around the core collection of candles.

What I love most about this brand is the superior quality of product for such an affordable price. The ingredients are all locally sourced from farmers, most being organic and the scent is embedded in the candle all the way through, unlike cheap candles. The soy wax burns evenly, so every last drop of wax is used and you can even re-use the glass jars afterwards, just trim the wick a little before burning to prevent smokiness on the glass jar. It’s not a mass manufactured product, Durance do not make candles for any other brand, so you won’t find another brand like it.

I totally got carried away but this brand deserves such a lengthy introduction. Lately, I am addicted to the Spiced Biscuit Handcrafted Candle, it is soooooooooooo delicious. I love burning this when it’s miserable, cold and dark outside because it instantly warms the atmosphere at home and I don’t mean ‘warmth’ as in heat, I mean warm-happy-cosy-family, that comfort feeling.

The scent lingers for ages after burning as well and it’s not sickly, it’s scarily authentic, like gingerbread men are baking in the oven with a hint of spice in the recipe. Sooooo yummy!!!!

This is limited edition, just for Christmas but I can assure you I will be burning mine all year round if mine last me that long. I am yet to discover another candle like this and another brand who can offer such a premium quality product for such a great price!

The 180g Spiced Biscuit Handcrafted Candle is available to buy from here for £14.45.

I should add that the 180g candle burn time is approx 40 hours.

Hope you enjoyed this post, I will be running a little competition to win a Durance candle soon, so keep an eye out.

Sweet Dreams (I’ll be dreaming of Gingerbread men now that I have just blown out my Spiced Biscuit candle – that one is for you Sammy..he he he).



2 thoughts on “The Sweet Smell of Spiced Biscuit by Durance

  1. Hi farah….had i not read your article on nicky i would not have known!!…and being so far from Birmingham meant that i would have had to make special arrangements to get there!!. Its a real shame has i had high hopes for this girl to work her magic on me!!.
    So can you recommend any salons in London that will do Balayge on Asian hair?…like you and most asian girls i had the highlights done which turned out to be that awful brassy colour!!!. . Being based down south with a high asian population i cant find or no of any salon even that can do a decent balayge. Please help!! X

    1. Hello! Thanks for your comment, well I had a bad experience with Nicky but she might do a wonderful job on you, but if you want to play it safe then I recommend you go to an actual salon, Nicky works from her home and therefore you’re not treated or can’t share your dissatisfaction like you can at a salon.

      There’s the balayage expert jack Howard in London and bleach salon, either of these will do a great professional job. Hope this helps and let me know how you get on.xx

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