Beauty Blogging and the Trolls – Cyberbullying

Since my last post went live, I have received abusive and threatening emails, texts and comments, in the attempt to ‘bully’ me into removing this blog post.

I am not ashamed to admit, I am a victim of cyberbullying and in all the 5 years I have been blogging, have not experienced it until now and boy, it’s not nice. Now, I can see how other bloggers were so stressed about internet trolls that they ended up shutting down their blogs.

The thing is, the series of events after that blog post went live were so predictable, I said that the trolls will come out in full force and I was right but I must admit I wasn’t prepared to be called a ‘wh*re’ because I gave an honest review. Since when did blogging become so ugly and why should reviews be ‘safe’ due to fear of cyberbullying?

A true professional would never turn on the defensive, you see, that strategy is flawed because it highlights 1. your insecurities and 2. that you are in the wrong. However, this strategy is effective with those already fooled. A wise man, Mark Twain, once said;

“It’s easier to fool people than convince them they have been fooled.” – Mark Twain

We all started reading blogs because we wanted ‘honest’, ‘real’ reviews from ‘real’ people. When did that change?

Why am I being called a ‘wh`*re’ for a post about my personal experience?

Why should consumers and readers ‘trust’ a blogger who is paid to write a ‘safe’ or positive review? The whole point of them reading your blog is because they trust you, right?

I am a grown woman and I am being cyberbullied, so, surely you can now see why other victims of a similar experience to mine are too scared to speak up. I am representing all of the girls out there who are scared to speak up and I want to say thank you for all your support, kind comments, DM’s and emails. I have a very small social circle and those who know me, know I am an honest and straight-talking person. I don’t like phonies and can see through them pretty quick but I must admit, I have been fooled a few times but I always believe in giving everyone a chance because in time, they show their true colours. After all, there’s only so long you can put on a facade.

As for the trolls, all I ask is that you read and look at the facts and Godwilling your eyes and hearts will open up to see the truth. If it makes you feel good abusing and intimidating me, then feel free to carry on because you clearly lack any self worth to be so abusive, judgemental and hurtful.

For other cyberbullying victims out there, I want you to know that I am here to support you. These trolls areĀ meaningless and they (and their abusive comments) are so unattractive and unintelligent, feel flattered that they are stuck on their phone or laptop stalking you and they are SO narrow minded and dull that they can’t resist trying to bring you down to their level.

My thoughts are with



5 thoughts on “Beauty Blogging and the Trolls – Cyberbullying

  1. They’re merely keyboard warriors – wouldn’t have the balls to say it to your face. I laughed at some of the comments from Nicky’s supporters – had to raise my brow at “Raj”. Yeah, right! Total BS. I hope you report her to the Hair Council and remember, you’ve got Jack watching your back. And me. Xxxx

  2. This is very upsetting to read. How are people allowed to get away with this? If it continues, take down their IP addresses & report them to the police. All of this because you wrote a review on a so-called “professional”? I wonder if the CON ARTIST (& her phony friend), have anything to say about these actions – no doubt she’s encouraged them! No class. I don’t care who you think you are, when you allow your “fans” to abuse people without condemning their words/actions, you just as guilty & despicable as they are. Disgusting, fake “insta-celebs” – still nobodies yet they go on like they’re the Queen! It’s actually hilarious how delusional they are. It doesn’t help that there’s so many sheep in the world who follow these bullies – hence the abuse you’re receiving. I’ll end my rant with a quote, “It’s better to stand alone with the truth than to be wrong with a multitude.” – in other words, a multitude of fickle SHEEP. Peace.

  3. I’m sick of these ‘groupies’ and their cultish behaviour when it comes to these ‘celebrity’ online faux personalities who claim to be professional. Cyber bullying is real and it is dangerous. The fact that she has clearly started a campaign against you for your honest review shows the kind of classless con she is. It’s harassment, don’t give in as no one likes internet trolls especially ones with bad grammar! Keep the post up and keep your blog honest! Let the saddo trolls who clearly lead dull lives keep trolling and you keep reviewing!! Fake people are found out soon enough.

  4. My main issues with her service, from your review and the subsequent comments from her on her facebook page are that she says she would be happy to rectify if anyone isn’t happy, but then states that is only if they tell her straight after the appointment once still at her home, but sometimes you need a day or so to realise, you might think, oh there’s not much difference but I’ll see how it is in natural light..? Surely.

    And that she doesn’t offer refunds full stop, even if someone is unhappy – surely you should state that clearly before anyone has a treatment, not now, afterwards, and since she didn’t want you to go back there, surely a small amount as a gesture of goodwill would have been suitable.

    As for the service, the fact that you have to have your hair washed over the bath…surely that should have been stated beforehand? You obviously wouldn’t have worn a dry clean only dress if you knew that. I would expect that if a mobile hairdresser came to my own home as obviously I don’t have a salon in my home!, but I know of other home salons that have, for example, chairs and attachments so you can sit on a chair and have your hair washed over the sink similar to in a salon.

  5. I’ve read both posts now, plus her Facebook status. Cyberbulling is a huge thing and I’m so sorry that you had a bad experience. She shouldn’t direct negative fans to come and give you grief. Lack of professionalism. Stick with it lovely, so proud of you for sticking up for yourself. Nobody should be bullied into removing an honest post. If she wants to get legal advice (according to her fb post) she can know that if words are completely honest, and not made up to detriment her business etc then it is not slander. You are allowed to voice your opinion. She wouldn’t get anywhere via making a claim anyway as 1. it would cost too much for courts and 2. the courts would recommend that she should have fixed the issue, and her voicing an indirect opinion is bad for her as it could detriment your blog and readers. Law student here!

    You’re not being judgemental, you’re giving an honest opinion which isn’t slander. Don’t worry Farrah! Us bloggers have your back.

    Laura x

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