Hair Update: The Hair Fixers

Happy Holidays guys!!!!!!

For those of you off work, I hope you’re enjoying the much deserved break, for the grafters still working hard, I hope you’re finding some time to relax before the new year starts.

I have only just got over a nasty flu, so I have been spending my time trying to recover and I’ve shamelessly been watching one of the most annoying yet addictive shows ever – Scandal! (*sorry to those of you who love the show).

I’m totally digressing……

I have been eager to update you on my hair situation, I was desperate to get the copper/khaki mess sorted out so I went for consultations at Puro in Birmingham and James Bushell in Solihull. I decided to go with James Bushell.

I have waited for a week and a half to write this post because I wanted to wash my hair a few times to observe the colour. I believe this is the best form of review, testing a treatment or product out with time to verify whether it is that damn good. Well, this is how I work anyway. Let’s start off with a reminder of my hair before.

before pic copy

As you can see there is hardly any colour (which I THANK GOD for now, as it started to turn khaki at the ends). My hair is naturally dark brown, so the colour done before are the strange light bits at the ends of my hair.

Here it is after Jamie at James Bushell sorted it out..



The overall colour is warm and natural, with honey tones which complement my natural hair colour, I carefully (and fearfully) watched as colour was applied attentively and strategically placed throughout my hair.

At my initial consultation at James Bushell, a very nice lady was sat next to me and she highly recommended Jamie as he was doing her daughter’s hair that day. Jamie was really sweet but most importantly, professional. I had a patch test at the consultation and we went through my options. My brief was to FIX THE MESS! and as the pictures show (as well as all of the comments from friends, family and even some strangers on the street), he fulfilled the brief and fixed the mess! I wanted the khaki-looking-stripes GONE and replaced with warm honey tones.

I’m not going to lie, after my previous experience, I was petrified my hair was going to look worse but my faith in hairdressers has now been fully restored. I’m sticking to the salon experience because if I am unhappy with my hair or have a problem,  I can go back and get it sorted and not be abused for it.

A really cool girl called Kim blow dried my hair. She did it exactly how I wanted it AND it was smooth and silky, no frizzy roots.

So, what did it cost for the James Bushell experience with nice professional staff?

£81 in total, for colour and a bloody good blow dry.

There are two James Bushell salons, in Solihull and Birmingham and I have been highly recommended Pippa at the Birmingham salon.

I do plan on trying out a few other places next year, such as Puro, Bleach London and the Balayage expert himself – Jack Howard. So, get ready for some more reviews!

Oh, and I left the salon with delish-smelling hair, not that burning smell of peroxide.hairwash



3 thoughts on “Hair Update: The Hair Fixers

  1. Love the colour, it looks natural but lighter. I was going to go through all the trouble to come to the UK to get balyage/haircut from Nicky but I think it’s not worth it. I am living in Ireland and the most top 5star treatment hair salons would charge her pricing, not to mention I had to pay for my flight on top. Thank you for your honesty.
    On a lighter side Farrah I have the same jumper 🙂

  2. Hey Farrah! Did you colour your whole hair at James Bushell or just redid your balyage? It looks amazing, the colour and the blow dry. And I am looking to colour my hair with the same tones and warmth as yours perhaps at James Bushell with that affordable price! 🙂

    1. Hello, yes they put colour all over in order to fix and blend the previous disaster. I highly recommend them, go in for a consultation and tell them exactly what you want. My hair also never went green/orange when the toner faded out. I still get compliments on the colour they did now that it’s only on the tips.

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