(Some of my) Make up bag lovers

latest make up savioursI have so many favourite make up products to share with you and I get asked A LOT about concealers, glowing skin, lipsticks and brushes. So, I thought I would begin sharing some of my make up bag luuurvers (well make up room if I am totally honest, ahem..). Swiftly moving on….

I am really not into excessive contouring (a whole separate blog post), controversial, I know. I just don’t get why anybody would want to spend so much time creating fake cheekbones with multiple products. The thing is, I know Kim Kardashian is the one who coined the whole OTT contouring look but give me a J.Lo glow ANY DAY over that caked face look. Also, I have seen so many tutorials on contouring BUT not everyone has the same face shape. For example, contouring on a thin oval face would not be the same technique for someone with a round fuller face. Get it? I also believe make up should enhance natural beauty and not disguise it by creating a generic look. I really hope 2015 is the year I don’t have to see anymore excessive contouring on social media..

I’m totally getting distracted here, right, let’s get back to some of my make up faves. A couple of these products are new additions and some are my golden oldies. Let’s get straight to it…

1. Kevin Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer – I am on my second pot of this bad boy and it LASTS FOREVER!! You only need a little and you really need to know how to use it or you might end up thinking you hate it. I use it just for my heavy undereye luggage but you can use it all over your face. Urgh, hate to say it but you can use it to…contour, if you’re into it. To use it to conceal or for undereye baggage, dip a cotton bud or your little finger in the pot (you only need a little, like a teeny tiny amount) and warm it up on the back of your hand, then using your ring finger, pat into the skin, for a really nice buffed finish, use the Artis Oval Brush. You can also create a really nice overall glow with this little pot of magic, just mix a little with a few drops of your fave facial oil and apply all over, buff in for a polished glow.

2. Hakuhodo S series Blush Brush (S110) – This brush is around 3 years old and I LOVE IT!!! I wish I had more Hakuhodo brushes, I picked this little gem up at an IMATS show but the US website do ship internationally. I apply all of my blushers with this, especially the highly pigmented ones. If you’re going to invest in this brush, take extra care of it when washing it.

3. Surrat Artisitque Blush in Parfait –  I FINALLY got to check out the Surrat counter at Liberty and OMG, I WANTED IT ALL! The blush is described as a creamy powder and it really is! It’s smooth and buildable, I use it with my Hakuhodo brush or my Charlotte Tilbury powder brush, depends on the look I am going for. It’s designed to go into a palette, which I think I will get just so I can create my own Surrat collection.

4. Besame lipstick in Portrait Pink – I couldn’t believe my luck when I found Besame vintage cosmetics at the Clothes Show (of all places!!). I have seen this brand in the past but couldn’t get my hands on it, so I picked up a few colours but the one I have been wearing the most lately is Portrait Pink – 1963. It’s a lovely pale semi-matte pink, no shimmer thank God. I have had a lot of compliments on this colour. I’m not usually a sucker for packaging, I’d rather compromise packaging for the quality of the product but the packaging is amazing AND the product is great! I love the slanted bullet and you get full coverage with one coat. The website has the full collection and the prices are in euros.

5. Artis Oval 6 Brush – Exclusive to Net-A-Porter, this range of tools have been eergonomically designed to make applying make up easier and are made with something called CosmoFibre to make sure make up is applied evenly throughout the skin. What I like about this brush is that it’s multi-purpose, it can be used for eyeshadow, blusher, concealer, foundation and….contouring. I would much rather invest in this than a beauty blender, if you take care of this brush, it will last you for years and doesn’t absorb your product.

Shop my make up bag lovers

kev auc copy                                                                        haku brush                                                                                surrat                                                                          besame lipstick                                                          artis brush



2 thoughts on “(Some of my) Make up bag lovers

  1. U made me buy GIGI lippy and now im lemming over portrait pink!! im wondering about the finishing semi matte with glossy finish?Is it similar to Mac cremesheen? i read mixed reviews abt it thatnits need to build up several layer to show the color and some said could achieve full coverage wt one swipe, as Im about nc42

    1. Haha, sorry….(not sorry lol)…It’s more creamy/matte than Cremesheen, I find the MAC Cremesheen lipsticks quite drying for me personally. As for colour payoff, depends on the colour and the natural colour of your lips. My lips are naturally quite pink, so I use the Becca Lip Primer before I apply light/nude colours to the colour is true to the bullet if that makes sense?x

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