Balayage at Puro – Review by Chandni Joshee

I think the whole world knows what an awful experience I had when I first decided to dabble into balayage, a dreadful experience I wish to keep in the past. Good riddance to bad rubbish I say. However, I am still on my quest to find and review salons/professional hairdressers who can give you the hair you want as well as actually care for your needs  by offering some real skills and a certain level of customer service. Which should be standard in this day and age right?

I recently had my hair done at James Bushell in Solihull so am not due a colour yet, so I asked my friend Chan if she would go undercover and visit Puro in Birmingham and report back on the results of her balayage as well as her experience, here’s Chan’s story…

Review by Chan

“I was recommended Puro Hair – an organic salon in Birmingham by my very good friend Khanio (Farrah). I’ve never had my hair coloured before so I was naturally a bit nervous to begin with but I thought to myself it’s the New Year do something spontaneous.

So, I booked a consultation with Nathen for balayage. I was so impressed from the start. Nathen was very professional. He made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. He did a patch test on me and spoke to me in great detail about my own hair, what my reservations were, and about possible colours that he thought might look nice on my complexion. I walked out of that consultation with a very good feeling.

Day of my appointment…

 I woke up in the morning feeling a bit anxious, but excited at the same time. I was greeted by a warm friendly receptionist and then walked over by Nathen who went through my options again from the consultation. He re-assured me about some of my reservations I had about colouring my hair.

Dying my hair for the first time I was a little scared. I had questions going round in my head, like what if the colour will damage my hair, will they use harsh products, will my hair go dry etc. Nathen patiently answered all my questions. He explained to me that all of the colours and products they use are manufactured by Herb UK, Schwarzkopf Essensity and Kevin Murphy. They are free of parabens, silicone and sulphates and are never tested on animals meaning most of their products are vegan friendly.  The angst had gone and the excitement kicked in.

Nathen was very attentive. He checked my hair to see its condition, so that he could decide on the type of products he would use. This approach was very personal to me and gave me more reassurance.  Together we chose colours, which would complement my skin tone and natural hair colour. We also looked at some pictures, so that he could get an idea of the type look I wanted.

free painting in progress

The colours I went for were warm honey golds. As he mixed the colour, I carefully watched him paint my hair in different sections, he did not use foils. Once he finished, he lightly covered my hair with a thin sheet of plastic to keep the heat in.

I was offered lots of organic drinks as I waited for the dye to take to my hair. Nathen kept an eye on the room temperature too. He didn’t want the colour to develop too quickly, so he lowered the temperature, so that the dye had a chance to naturally develop.

After – warm natural tones


I had my hair washed using their organic power build range, which smelt delicious. I was also given a complementary hair treatment.  I then had my hair cut – still keeping my locks long and it was blasted dry.  It was beautifully curled by Harvey – the curling expert who gave me some great tips to keep curls locked in for longer.

The cost of my balayage and cut was £112. I also bought the delicious organic protein Shampoo (£10.95) and Conditioner (£11.95). To have your hair wash/curled by Harvey it costs (£15.00) and for a dry style (£8.00)

I can’t thank Nathen enough for introducing me to colour and giving me such an amazing experience. The colour was exactly how I wanted it to be. He really listened to what I wanted, and gave his expertise on what would suite me.  I highly recommend him and will definitely be returning back to the salon later this year.”

Chan (Yoshee) is one of my good friends from Uni and paid for this treatment herself and visited Puro incognito, this is how real professionals work.

Here are some more images of Chan’s hair, thank you for the honest review Yoshee.

Beautifully and artistically applied colour which looks really natural




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