A little piece of LA in Solihull

reformer copy

It’s ironic I am eating cake and custard as I type this blog post but I am not one who will deprive myself of a craving (which I admit, does happen to be on a regular basis), I think as long as you’re active and do things in moderation, then it’s OK. (This also happens to be Sebastian Kneipp’s philosophy – my all-time favourite bath brand)

I have recently taken up Reformer Pilates at MK HealthHub and I am ADDICTED! I don’t quite know when this little gem of a gym popped up in Solihull but I LOVE this place and if I were staying here, I would totally sign up to become a member. It’s a pretty exclusive gym with limited membership.  It’s hidden away on a business park and it’s one of those places you wouldn’t just stumble upon, word of mouth amongst the the ABC1’s of Solihull has assisted in making this place ‘THE’ gym to be at.

MK HealthHub is like a little piece of LA in Solihull, it is exactly like an LA gym, down to the layout, the hidden away location, the walls decorated with press coverage of celeb members and signed football shirts, the juice bar, the training and even the attractive people in their Lululemon leggings.

I tried a taster session of Reformer Pilates at the end of December and instantly booked in for a course of 10 sessions. On the wall in the studio, there is a quote from Joseph Pilates, which says;

” In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference and in 30 you will have a whole new body.”

pilates quote


Well, I can certainly tell you that I have already seen the difference in 10 sessions, so can’t imagine how my body would look by 20! The class is 55 minutes long, it’s an intense full body workout which sculpts and tones. Booooy, do I feel the burn, especially in the classes taken by both Sally’s, they know how to push you on a Sunday. What I love about this class is that every time I go, the teachers switch it up, I like when Jess focuses on abs and core and when Sally who takes the 10am class on a Sunday makes you get on the reformer on all fours (sounds so wrong) and works your glutes! No class it the same, so the time flies by, it’s not only a physical workout, I find it mentally stimulating too.

So, you want to know why I am raving on about this, what is so amazing about this training?

Well, I used to think skinny was attractive..uh uh…I was delusional! Strong and fit is WAY HOTTER! My legs had no muscle, were weak and shapeless. Now, my thighs are  stronger, bigger but muscly and have shape. My butt was erm…..beginning to look deflated but now it’s got it’s bounce back and looks rounder and fuller. As for my core, I showed my sister my stomach after one of Jess’s classes and she couldn’t believe it, I have slight muscle definition in places I didn’t know was possible. The backs of my arms (triceps) are now toned to match the front of my arms (bye bye bingo wings). I can’t rave on about Reformer enough!!! I wish I was staying here to book in for another course, it’s INCREDIBLE! I just hope I find somewhere that does it when I move. I don’t do any other training, just Reformer and walk my dogs. If you’re after a body transformation or like me, want to tone up, then I highly recommend Reformer Pilates, for men and women, (I even saw a mother with her teenage daughter in one of my classes).

The Reformer bed



The reformer bed has 5 springs of different colours, each colour varies. I think red is full resistance, blue is half of red and yellow is the least with no springs at all being zero resistance, which is the hardest when it comes to doing core work because you have to switch on your core to control you from flying off the bed! The trainer is always checking each person is using the right springs to suit them.



If you want a body as close to Iza Goulart as possible, then get on this training and don’t give up. You’ll have a lean, toned body in no time! A block of 10 sessions costs £150 but I think they are on offer for £120 at the moment and I think the more you buy, the better deal you get. GO, GO, GO!!!



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